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By CloneTrooperJR
Don't be alarmed - it's only a laser sword fight. Don't be scared, it's only the Death Star destroying another world *Gasp* Don't panic - it's just another wonderful book by Sansweet and Vilmur!
The Star Wars Vault!


Star Wars Vault - By Steve J. Sansweet and Pete Vilmur

Wow and Wow - what can I say? It's a wonderful book - Lets get into the details!

128 Pages - Full Colour - 2 CDs, (Though the website counts 50 gifts - I counted and found 52) 52 freebies!!!

Cover Art and Back
Classical Vader on the front, with nice Red behind it. Not a flat red as you'd expect in most books - but one that almost changes tone every few pixel. It looks awesome in front of your eyes - the pictures DON"T do it justice. The back is more red with a nice little EP 3 Yoda.

The Inside Front and Back is just AWESOME! - Pictures from the original Concepts - to the Yoda from the Animated SeriesImage

Then on the front of the inside cover (as the foreground), is big, is in silver - The STAR WARS Vault

Information -
What? Am I crazy? This is Sansweet's Vault - why did I even bother on the Information? Especially when I'm not about to give you spoilers! :lol: . Well - information spans from the click of the first word on pen. The first "animatic", the first concept. It's wonderful! Then we are brought to the saga - This time - not just the movie - The animated series of Ewoks, Droids, Clone Wars, THE Clone Wars all gets mentioned. And so does the Holiday Special (Surprising but True!). Each film has an item to remember it - unique ones too. Such as the original invitation to the early screening of STAR WARS to the RotS Stickers.

You might be thinking ONLY licensed items? Oh no - not for Mr. Sansweet. Fan Films (Such as Pink Five), Star Tours, Stamps, Theme Parks, the Uzay Figure :shock: , Erasers, Japan Bookmarks, School items - EVERYTHING you can imagine.

Each page is bound to leave you reading for more. With more information you would never know WITHOUT reading the Vault!
19/20 ( More on Action Figures might've been nice)

I knew I had to mention them - I had to. It's stickers, :shock: original copies of LFL Archive items, unfinished posters, Graphical Print-outs, T-Shirt iron-ons, Film strips (Yes, FILMSTRIPS), True Vintage memorabilia, Event Program guides - Darn, even the Music Of Star Wars' Program Guide!

What more can I ask? Except for a Picture of a Sansweet standing in front of his collection with Lucas :o. 10/10
P.S - the 2 CD roms - I've listened to it about 5 times and still ain't bored of it - it ROCKS

Value -
Whats on people's mind - is it worth it. If I was saying no - I'd be lying, but if I was saying yes - some might disagree. So this is MY own point of view.

Yes, it's worth it. Definitely. But bearing it's price - you might want to go with a coupon. My Parents were shocked at the prine - I, myself? Not quite - When was something good cheap? And when was something Super, be cheaper than this book? It's going to be a great book accompanied with those Visual Dictionary. (In fact, I bought this and the CVG, and seeing on and off screen things really gave me sweat on tears.)
Seriously - It's dirt cheap for a Vault thats dedicated to the films we love, and the cartoon we've seen growing up.


I had to come to this - one of a Key Factor to my love for this book.
It's stored into a hard tray which keeps the book itself mint (Whilst the tray seems to be able to be kept mint easily too! The inside flaps and trays and slps in, fold outs are designed so well, a few passed my eyes originally. They are truely unique and made immaculately. And above all, each flap used is related to the freebie - and is useful and not trash (Concept Arts, Film designs, tatoo looks... So on and So forth). The book cover also covers the inside pages, keeping it mint and free with DINGs!
Rating 5/5

Overall - 48 / 50 - It's DEFINITELY worth it. Now head down to your local book store and get it! I Gaurentee not Hours of fun, but Days and Weeks, and Months of Fun! Sansweet - You've done it again! GOOD JOB!

Calvin -

Price - 85USD, 99.95 CND

Should I Include anymore? If I do, what would you like to see? Scans? The actual items? Expand on certain areas? Bring them on!
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By YAK_Jayson
Awesome. I've been eyeing this book up for a while and I think this is going on my Christmas wish list.

Any photos you want to upload would be great.

Thanks ClonetrooperJR
By CloneTrooperJR
Ask and you'll receive, I'll get more tommorrow, I'm burned out for today...


The Vault is up on SWS for 85.
Those above are just my favourite items (They were definitely hard to choose with EVERYTHING being amazing :D )
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By The Professor
I got this book 50% off at Barnes and Noble a few days after Christmas. It was the same price at Books a Million. It's absolutely wonderful!
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By BrentS
A friend of mine got this book for me for $10.

He belongs to a Science Fiction Book Club and all their books were onsale for $10 (regardless of MSRP). I just wish they had Chronicles too.
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By The Professor
BrentS wrote:A friend of mine got this book for me for $10.

He belongs to a Science Fiction Book Club and all their books were onsale for $10 (regardless of MSRP). I just wish they had Chronicles too.

Man, that's a deal! You're right, though, the Chronicles Books would be an even better deal. I hope to pick them up one day.
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By YAK_Jayson
On special today on WOOT! for $24.99. :o

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