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By Tek Vorian
Star Wars Comic Book Reviews
By Holocron Master Nick

With a grading scale of 1 out 5 lightsabers, where 1=sucky and 5-great

Let me begin with:

Knights of the Old Republic, it’s a great comic with awesome artwork and writing; the only gripe I have which apparently others do to from the letters and comments on the boards, and applies to the new comics is that lately they’ve been putting word balloons on the covers, which in my opinion detracts from the beautiful cover art and reminds me of older comics, but that aside, Knights is a really well written comic. The premise is that a young padawan is being sought out for murdering his fellow padawans when in fact they were murdered by their masters because of a vision one of them had that Zayne, the padawan was going to bring back the Sith and take down the Jedi Order. He was late getting to the meeting where the masters had just slain all of Zayne’s friends and so he flees.
His Master Lucien and the other masters are out scouring the galaxy for him, but Zayne gets help from an Arkanian girl and a droid, ELBEE and a guy named camper, who’s more than what he seems, plus a thief and grifter named Gryph, who gets to be the funny sidekick. There are even some cameos by characters from the game like Carth Onasis and Mandalore. Plus the group gets help from an unusual source, a Mandalorian, since there’s a war going on between them and the Republic.
The last story arc was Daze of Hate which was three issues. They break down the stories into arcs, which may last from 3 to 5 issues or so and the current one is Knights of Suffering, part 1. I give the whole series 5 lightsabers, so that means go out and get if you haven’t already and try to get the back issues, too. It’s always better to start from the beginning. Plus I believe they’ve recently put out a trade paperback collecting the first few issues.
I would love to go into more details but I don’t want to ruin anything or give away any plot points and so we’ll leave that to the forums where we can discuss those things in the right place and where people who don’t want to know what’s going on can avoid it.
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Next is Dark Times, I’m trying to go in chronological order concerning all of them and what era they take place in. This particular series is about the dark times in which Order 66 had just been executed and so most of the Jedi were killed by their clone comrades, though some did escape the executions, This comics follows one Jedi, plus maybe others, who’ll remain a secret until you read the series, named Dass Jennir, who was fighting against the Nosaurians, a dinosaur like people, on their home planet, when Jennir, felt the turn against him by the clones just in time to react and escape from them, although the story that the Emperor told Vader was quite different than what really happened and so told that him that the clones had disobeyed the Order 66 and were to be punished.
As the Emperor is speaking to Vader, Vader’s mind and thoughts wander to Padme and to the sacrifices he’s made for the good of the Empire. And we find out that Vader realizes he as expendable as a clone trooper for there is a “peril of independent thinkingâ€
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