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By YAK_Jayson
Picked up this book at my local Border yesterday... we'll see how it goes.
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By FishLips
Read it. Awesome book. Even better if read the first one.
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By Darth Depressis
OK, i just got done reading this tonight after a epic week long struggle to finish it. (that is very rare for me). so first off, i really didn't enjoy it that much. compared to the first this is pretty sad. if i didn't already know the author had such a short time to write it in, I'd hate this book outright. but working under a deadline, i can understand how weak it is. most if not all elements of this book appear to have had very little thought go into them unlike the previous entry in the bane trilogy(yes bane three is promised for December 09).

Rule of Two picks up right after path of destruction, the thought bomb has gone off, Bane himself is actually affected from it. his apprentice rain(zannah) death marches behind her new master and the Jedi are just in orbit feeling the fallout from it as well. so right off the bat i was hooked, couldn't put it down until i reached the ten year leap forward in time. everything before this leap feels as if it was edited out of the first book and saved for an intro to the second entry, the feel, the writing style are all just like the first book.the general ruthlessness of young zannah is a bit much in the first chapters as is her force powers which she uses in an early scene to fry off her cousins hand. (personally I'd assumed that power required at least twenty years of sith training, i mean maul didn't use it at all and this little girl just blows her cousins hand off?)

OK so during the first path of destruction-esqe chapters were introduced to an apprentice of lord hoth whom takes an almost center stage role in the book. (Darth Bane himself is strangely not the main focus of this book, he feels like batman in the 90's sequels. a last minute quick fix to put the supposed side characters in their eventual place.) this apprentice is lorded over by everyones favorite femine Jedi farfulla.
whom is strangely a bit rougher around the edges this time around. of course bane escapes the surface of ruusan and makes for dxun. personally speaking all portions of this book that took place on dxun or onderon where the best, its all downhill from there. sprinkled into this novel is the ruusan reformations, which where actually created by the Lucas people sometime around the release of episode 1 to realign the system of dating within the starwars galaxy. in-universe however it refers to the changing of the role of the Jedi order from its tales of the jedi-kotor-path of destruction self to the order of the prequels. sadly this is merely sprinkled within the book and not at all fleshed out. we meet a ancestor of valorum-the then supreme chancellor who enacts said reforms. all the mechanics of which we do not see. the time leap happens after this and we are introduced to a older hoe version of zannah whom is pulling strings for her master while he butts his head againsit his accumulated texts while trying to build a holocron. i' forgot to mention bane is now covered in the orbalisks and is operating on a rather short fuse due to their parasitic nature.
from this point on the book took on a rather predictable manner in reintroducing the previously developed characters from the books intro and speeds itself to a lack luster ending. over all its a OK read, if you loved path of destruction. but don't pick this up expecting at least half the greatness of that book. its not here. path of the destruction to me was the most original expanded univere piece since timothy zahn's "heir to the empire", rule of two is however very close to the Shadows of the empire novel in my opinion. i'd like to say i'd read it again someday, but i really find myself hoping the next entry is more akin to path of destruction and puts bane back in his center stage role. zannah hopefully grows into a better sith than she was in this book. that being said, i find myself wondering if this book would actually be better after directly re-reading path of destruction. if and when i get this experiment, i'll let you the people know my findings. hope this helps those interested in this novel.
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By Captain Pierce
I'm definetly looking forward to this book indeed
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