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By Freebird
Order 66

Author: Karen Traviss

Main Characters:

Omega Squad: Niner, Darman, Corr, Atin

Delta Squad: Boss, Scorch, Fixer, Sev

Jusik – Healer Jedi/Mandalorian
Jaller Obrin – CSF Captain

Storyline Summary

This novel takes place in the months prior to Order 66. We once again get to visit with our two favorite groups of commandoes. The characters deal with a lot of issues, in addition to the issues that they’d deal with as soldiers. The main plots involve a prison like rescue, and trying to survive in the waning days of the Clone Wars.

Novel Review

I really enjoy the way that Karen Traviss writes about military units, especially these commandoes. And the way she brings up questions to the Star Wars universe that can also be applied to contemporary society.

Those questions being, what rights does a cloned human have? Would they have the same rights as any others, or would they be considered manufactured property? And in the military, what happens if you’re given orders that go against your moral beliefs? Do you follow the orders, or do you follow what your heart tells you to do?

One question brought up regarding the clones is the issue of a man imprisoned for years, if the door is left open, will the man through conditioning stay imprisoned?

And then there are philosophical ideas on death and the afterlife itself?

The action in this novel as in all her other Commando novels is outstanding, and seeing how all the characters react to the situation they find themselves in gives a person stuff to think about. Do you follow orders and turn on a friend or loved one?

I was very pleased with this novel. I would recommend this novel to any Star Wars fan who enjoys battles, and who likes to get a peek into the life of a combat soldier, not just in the combat, but in the loves, friendships, etc. that surround him. She manages to show a side to imperials that is not just a cold, killing machine that has no choice but to follow orders, but has heart, soul, and their own ambitions for life.
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