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Han Solo – Captain of the Millenium Falcon
Leia Organa Solo – Jedi Knight
Luke Skywalker – Jedi Grand Master
Ben Skywalker – Jedi
Vestara Khai – Sith


Luke Skywalker continues his exile from the New Republic. This time around, He, Ben, and the Solos end up on Endor. He’s tracking Vestara Khai, the Sith he previously encountered. Along the way they help join two tribes of Dathomiri, and discover whether Vestara has a hidden agenda.


I’m not totally sure how I felt about this book. It seems that Luke and Ben have now abruptly ended their search for why Darth Caedus came to be. While I liked seeing Dathomiri life, I’d like to have seen a little more of the Nightsisters. There were some interesting battles in this. One in particular involved a native Dathomri life form. I’m not 100% certain though that it really advanced the story much. Being the fourth book in the series, I expected it to grab me a lot more than it did. There are times where I can’t put a Star Wars book down. That didn’t occur in this case. I’d recommend it if you’re following this series. It’s definitely not a stand-alone novel. I keep holding out hope that the broader picture/storyline will impress me a lot more. So far, I’ve just had lukewarm feelings towards it. I’d say it’s definitely only for the Star Wars fan, and probably not the general public.

I do look forward to the next one though, because at some point, I’m thinking, all evil is going to be unleashed. When that happens, I think I’ll begin enjoying the story a lot more.
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