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By Freebird

Allana Solo - Human Female Child
Ben Skywalker - Jedi Knight (Human Male)
Luke Skywalker - Jedi Grand Master (Human Male)
Han Solo - Captain, Millenium Falcon (Human Male)
Leia Organa Solo - Jedi Knight (Human Female)
Gavar Khai - Sith Saber
Vestara Khai - Sith Apprentice
Jaina Solo - Jedi Knight (Female Human)
Jagged Fel - Head of State Galactic Empire (Male Human)
Natasi Daala - Galactic Alliance Chief of State (Human Female)


Something is still driving young Jedi Knights insane. Luke Skywalker and his son Ben, enter into an uneasy alliance with the Sith. This is in an effort to get into the Maw and find Abeloth. But as usual, there will be decptions, along the way. Luke enlists the aid of Lando Calrissian, who unknowingly to either at first is joined by Jaina Solo.

In the mean time, Han, Leia, and all the Jedi on Coruscant are surrounded by Mandalorians. The Mandalorians threaten to kill any Jedi's caught leaving the temple. Han and Leia must work covertly to deliver medicine and messages into the temple. Medicine that is needed for treating those sick Jedi within the temple.


I liked this book. Christie Golden is now on her second run (third with a short story) in the Star Wars Universe. She really has gotten a hang of the characters, and events. It's fun to see Ben dealing with his first big crush, on a Sith of all people. I'd actually liked to have seen a little more combat. While there are still more books to go in this series, what seemed like the main plot point doesn't seem to deliver. I am looking for the next, I've enjoyed this series, and there are still some ends created in this novel, that I want to see followed.

If you've liked the other books in this series, then you definitely should pick this one up. However, if you haven't as some haven't, you can probably skip it. I still hold out hope that the whole series is setting things up for the timeline seen in the Legacy comic series. I wouldn't even mind a story just on the these Sith. I want to know more about them, and what their agenda is.
By Freebird

There are also 4 Lost Tribe of the Sith short stories that go with this, along with a short story by Christie Golden I believe. The short story called Imprint was apparently part of the Fan Club package for 2009. Not sure If I got that. The 4 Lost Tribe of the sith short stories can be gotten in e-book format from places like B&N, Borders, etc. 3 of them were free and 1 cost me .01 I think.

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