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By Freebird

Dao Stryver – Mandalorian
Darth Chratis – Sith Lord
Eldon Ax – Sith Apprentice
Jet Nebula – Pilot
Larin Moxla – Republic Trooper
Satele Shan – Jedi Grand Master
Shigar Konshi – Jedi Padawan
Ula Vic – Imperial Agent


A Ship is destroyed in space. All that’s found is a container and a signal transmitter. This debris is located in Hutt Space and put up on auction to the highest bidder. The secrets that are hidden though will require a joint force of The Republic, Mandalore, Jedi, the Empire, and the Sith in order to save the galaxy.


Set in the days of the Old Republic, this book gives us a view of a world where the Sith are as numerous as the Jedi. It wasn’t a perfect book. The premise was a little overdone, ie. an undiscovered technology puts the galaxy in jeopardy. It’s been there, done that. Some of the characters were archtypes, ie. The Solidier, the Smuggler, The Spy, the Jedi, the Sith. Hmmm, and it’s based on a game, wonder if that might be the reason.

I do think the novel was a fun story. When there was Sith or Jedi action, it really grabbed you. But I think unlike the Darth Bane series, the Sith and Jedi were just an “also there” character, so you don’t see as much of them as the cover would have you believe.

All in all for a story set in the ancient history of the Star Wars galaxies, I found it enjoyable. Not the best I’ve ever read, but a decent story and a good book to read to kill time.

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