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By Niktom
At this point (12-6-14) I'm about halfway through it. Only read one to two chapters a night.

Wondering about others thoughts on it... please no plot summaries or spoilers.

Personally, I'm finding it hard to read and get into. I thought the author did an AMAZING job with "Plagueis" but his writing seems a bit scattered in "Tarkin". Maybe it's just me and I had more excitement for "Plagueis" but "Tarkin" just seems... off. Too much spiraling and convoluted-ness in the story telling. Feel like he jumps around too much.

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By The Professor
It does jump around a lot. I just finished it. I started over Thanksgiving but haven't had time to pick it up again until now. It does pick up, but it is definitely more character than plot-driven.
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