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Some of you maybe aware that last week Lego announced that next year will see Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Lego sets, with the first LOTR rings sets out in June and then more sets leading up to the December release of the Hobbit pt1, well today preliminary images of the first sets were leaked today and here they are.

Loving these sets and as mentioned by some Lego fans, a lot of figures!

9469 Gandalf Arrives - Gandalf & Frodo

9470 Shelob Attacks - Samwise, Frodo & Gollum

9471 Uruk-hai Army - 4 x Uruk-hai, 1 x Rohirrim Soldier, 1 x Rider Of Rohan

9472 Attack On Weathertop - Merry, Frodo, Aragon & 2 x Nazgul

9473 The Mines Of Moria - Pippin, Gimli, Legolas, Boromir, 2 x Goblins, 2 x Skeletons & Cave Troll

9474 The Battle Of Helm’s Deep - Aragon, Gimli, Legolas, Theoden, 5 x Uruk-hai
The Hobbit set that is being revealed at SDCC as been shown by Lego on FB, it's Bilbo's house and looks great!!
A leaflet with all the new hobbit sets has been put up at And if you go to, from this page onwards you can see close ups posted. These sets look amazing, the Wargs, Goblin King and other figures are so cool. Love the set pieces, the barrel room and the Goblin Kings lair are great.

Oh a side note, also revealed is a super cool limited edition collectors Batman Arkyham Asylum set. With all the really expensive exclusive large sets Lego make for their themes, Monster Fighters haunted house, Knights kingdom village set and tournment set, Super Heroes and obviously all the SW sets you'd think Hasbro could see there is a market for large ticket collectors items.
Well just started collecting this line, ordered the Helms Deep set. Can't wait for it to arrive(perfect way to celebrate end of classes!!) I think I could really get into these sets, as well as the Kingdoms sets(seems like they would complement the LotR's set perfectly)
Well there are less items a year than Hasbro, 35 items last year for SW; that includes UCS, polybags and exclusives. Then the quality and quantity is far superior to Hasbro as Lego still belive in making high quality toys (one of the things i love about my beloved Playmobil too). Plus you can often find sales and stuff, Amazon is pretty good for them. I spent £24.99 on the Helms Deep extension wall set, roughly the same size'ishness of a medium vehicle and with lots of new pieces and get far more joy out of it than a £32.99 Hasbro Star Wars vehicle thats normally a repaint; then they have those new shrinky dink vehicles now in Hasbro's range.

I suppose it's all relative, you may find if you worked out how much it would cost to buy everything in one Lego range and all the SW Hasbro stuff a year likely the Hasbro stuff will come up to more, am using SW instead of LOTR Lego as an example with it being a new line and no back history. Also for me i made a decision early on not to collect the early Technic sets and the UCS sets and only stuck to the SW minifigure lines and mini builds, then any other ranges or sets i like. Long winded but i hope i got my view across on you question.

Some of the sets a couple of years ago did jump in price with all thats going on, my only bug bear with that was the Battle Pack size sets, their great sets but i find £11.99 far too expensive for what you get in them. They were fine at £7.99-8.99.

Also aren't they more expensive in the US due to shipping from Europe?

OH OH, another thing thats great about Lego and Playmobil is that their not obsessed with a quick turn over like Hasbro, meaning it gives you more time to collect and spread the cost. Normally these two companies have most of their sets available for 2-3 years on the shelves before discontinuing them individually, large sets are often given a lot longer. The Death Star 10188 for example was released in 2008 and is still available. I suppose this more than anythign explains how i can collect Lego, Playmobil and SW Hasbro with not that much money as two of the lines i have room to breath and decide when and what can be bought.
That set is just so cool, he will love it. The troll is great, especially when he's got a hobbit in his hands and Legolas on his head lol.

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