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By Incom
Can't believe the first Celebration Europe (CE) has been 5 years ago already. Time flies as fast like a Rebel fleet in hyperspace :D

But in 2013 Celebration Europe II will be held in Essen, Germany! I'm super excited for this and will definitely attend. It's only ninety miles from my home, so it's very likely I will be driving to and from, instead of booking a hotel room. I'm seriously considering attending all three days at that ;)

I'd like to know who of my fellow European SW fans is going as well. It'd be sweet to meet up and get all geeky and stuff!

More info at:


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Well, I'm back from Germany after a fun second European Celebration! It wasn't set up as big as in London in 2007, but I had a great time nonetheless.

I managed to get the bounty hunter card set, which are just downright beautiful, and I easily obtained three of the Black Series Boba/Han sets. Could've gotten more, even on Sunday :D

I'm working on a Flickr set, feel free to have a look! ... 879455754/

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