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By JawaKing
I've not been to a Celebration before, but some of us locals did secure tickets for the one in Chicago in 2019. It is probably too early to get much info, but we have some questions if anybody knows anything yet:

1) Will have a booth there? Or will any of the Yakface staff or editors be on-hand to meet?

2) Are there any customizing panels scheduled yet? ( I might be willing to participate as a panel member.)

3) Do these Celebrations ever offer a place for attendees to change into costumes?

4) Are these events big enough that a person can ditch a clingy spouse and hang with fellow fans?

5) Do you think there will be motorized scooters for the mobility impaired?

6) Is there liquor?

7) Is the food usually good?

PLEASE DO NOT CREDIT ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS TO ME Thanks. I drew the short stick, figuratively.
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By Jodo
I haven't heard about #1, but I'm not sure if I'll be going either way yet. I will say, a YakFace booth would be an incentive for me to go though, if I can afford to do so.

#2, I'm not sure any programming has been announced yet...

#3, I wouldn't count on that occurring. There may be a staging area where 501st help each other, but usually people have to get dressed in their rooms and then make the commute in costume.

#4, if you really want to escape, I would say yes. Or alternatively, a spouse and children might also be interested in other Chicago attractions, which may also save a family on buying tickets to the convention...

#5, again, I wouldn't count on this, but every convention center is different.

#6, I would presume food strand will have beer, or there will be a food court-esq. area that will offer drinks.

#7, no. If you've ever been to a sporting event, it's the same quality of food, and the same price as well.
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By JawaKing
Thanks for the input, Jodo! Other sources are telling us the same thing, and most agree it is too soon and more info will eventually leak out, like all things Star Wars happen to do.
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By Joosk
Have people booked their hotels yet? I am looking for a hotel and was thinking what ones people are staying at so would be cool if at same hotels. Will only be there probably sat and sunday nights.
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By JawaKing
I'll have to double check with the pretty lady about where we are. I know it is either Hilton Garden Inn or Hilton Doubletree. We are rewards members with Hiltons. At least that's where I will be staying until I undoubtedly piss off the pretty lady, then I'll be reaching out to you friends for someplace to shack. (I'll bring snacks, it'll be fun.)
I have tickets for the all dates, but we have discussed maybe cancelling the first couple hotel nights and just driving in (about an hour and a half from Rockford) but that wouldn't be fun. Anybody ever drive into Chicago during morning weekday rush traffic will understand.

This probably wasn't specifically informative... I'll get back to you.
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By JawaKing
OK. This is the information to clarify the previous statement (above.)

Hilton Garden Inn North Loop. We will be there all convention until that whatever thing happens and I find myself outdoors, you know... again, refer to previous statement.
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By Jodo
I had considered it, and actually just looked at tickets last night. They only have Monday open now...That’s not enough for me to warrant going, and honestly, I feel like I would be too depressed to enjoy it, for as much as it would cost to go.
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By darthvlad
I've been to 2 NYCCs back when I lived there and I probably won't go to any more cons. I just didn't feel like I was as enthusiastic as the others around me, like I didn't fit in (Wasn't geeky enough?). Plus I'm not a fan of huge crowds.

I'd like to see a Celebration once (yeah it goes against my saying no more cons) but maybe I missed my window now that Lucas' Star Wars isn't the focus now.
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