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By Bacara37
I think Kenner had some serious problems with articulation no offence to them though. During the 90's they probably added only one additional joint at the waist which helped a bit While G.I Joe was way ahead. Right know we would probably see the emergance of ball jointed shoulders instead of years ago with Hasbro. 8)
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By Incom
Well, articulation is great and all, but when you play a lot with your figures, their joints would get pretty loose. Now, with Kenner figures, you could have 5 loose joints, tops. With the GI Joe figures that would be.... 11?

Anyway, I never missed those poa's when I was a kid. I think back then, kids made up a lot for it with their imagination. I know I did :roll:
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By Niktom
My thoughts...

I just want to say that I think articulation is over rated.

Here's why:

1. It's a toy.

toy (noun) something for a child to play with ~ Webster's Dictionary

My son plays with his Star Wars toys. The most enjoyment he gets is with the Galactic Heroes. Most of which might have one or two points of articulation if any. Why does he have so much fun with these? They are durable, weapons don't get lost and ease of play.

His second favorite are the small Titanium. Again (even though not action figures) few points of articulation. Not a bunch crap to lose and they stand up to the punishment.

2. Too many trade offs

Yes articulation gives them many different possiblites for posses but you sacrifice a lot.

Most often the extra articulation comes with draw backs. Shallow peg holes (not much of an issue due to the lack of play sets), more loose joints, parts that fall off easily, and of course more places for possible breaks.

This is incredibly irritating to a young child. Who wants a toy that breaks, falls apart or gets so many loose joints and can't hold those cool poses shortly after opening it?

3. Cost

It's proven, articulation cost more money all around. Design, mold, materials, and manufacture. Cut the articulation down and the price is able to drop... assuming that would ever happen.

Over all...

Articulation is great for us adult collectors who keep them carded or pose them once to collect dust on the shelf. But who are these "toys" made for? Hasbro says for the kids and they also claim kids don't care about articulation (which I completely agree with) and yet they put more research, money and time towards putting more joints into these figures.

Sure I'm a little prejudice towards the vintage line since I grew up with it but 30 years later, my figures I played with still look better, play better, and have handled the punishment better than some new figs I bought my son just 3 months ago for Christmas.
By Bacara37
I was speaking from a collectors point of view but you do present an argument.
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By Incom
Of course. Articulation is all for the collectors. And that's great. I grew up with these SW figures. Today's kids grow up with totally different "toys", like game consoles, for instance. Hasbro may claim they're aiming for the kids, but in reality they really aim for us collectors. For the kids they put in some "neat" quick-draw and slashing attack features and they get a lot of critique from..... us!

In the old days there wasn't such a thing as a "collector's community" for SW action figures. Kenner mass produced these with playability in their mind. I agree with Niktom that those figures were very, very durable and had a very high play value. Later on, with the rise of the internet and auction sites, the collector's world really expanded.

I'm not saying in the past everything was better. It's a whole different era. We're talking 25-30 years later. Kenner/Hasbro tried a comeback with the POTF2 figures, which failed quite a bit. The post-2000 figures are of a much higher quality, but mainly aimed at the collectors. And I like that as well. Heck, I just bought another 17 figures off eBay. And a vintage Luke Stormtrooper (which has a Removable Helmet (tm) Feature!) :wink:
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By TradeFederationSympathy
I'm a fan of the POTF Kenner figures myself. I agree with the durability argument, those guys just keep on standing/playing/ working etc. The thing I hate the most about the new figures are the heads. I refuse to buy a figure with an articulated head joint. It just makes them look so ridiculous! Very often it makes their head out of per portion with the rest of their body and the joint is visible from the back of their head. I do like the head joint on trooper figures tho, I think that looks fine and it makes for great scenes.
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By Niktom
TradeFederationSympathy wrote:The thing I hate the most about the new figures are the heads. I refuse to buy a figure with an articulated head joint. It just makes them look so ridiculous!

You make an excellent point here. The first round of Vintage Style figures especially... the Han, Ben, Leia, and Luke were horrible because of the heads. Of course that's my opinion of what it's worth. Don't get me wrong, all around good figures but the head and neck was the down fall of them.
By Bacara37
Hasbro has finally seem to found there way around this forest of sculpt and articulation. They have a good balance of not to SA and not a total overdo on the sculpt. Wat I find a big factor now is PAINT. I find that Hasbro may have dipped a bit onto lower quality. Sloppier lines. Its not to bad yet but they may need to tighten a few screws. And with the neck I actually love it. I can have my Han point his head back and pop off a few shots.
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