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Vintage Toy Fair

PostPosted:Fri Apr 27, 2007 4:54 pm
by YAK_Chewie
Just playing around I found this pic of a Toy Fair presentation that Kenner did in 1984...


More here... ... m_id=48870


PostPosted:Mon Jul 09, 2007 9:59 pm
by Darth_Deastron
Interesting. I actually kinda like some of the vintage figures better than the modern. Too bad that I didn't live back then.

PostPosted:Mon Jul 09, 2007 10:08 pm
by jedistyle
i've actually just started picking throuhg the vintage stuff sor customs. of course it all get a repaint in the mdern style to go with my custom figures, but the older stuff had alot of really cool EU type vehicles and what not.