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By rustysheridan

I have about 15 vintage ESB and ROTJ mint-on-card action figures. Some are in darn near flawless condition (unpunched, no pricesticker, etc.). I need to get rid of them (or rather, my wife needs to get rid of them), and I was wondering if it's worth it to send the figures off to have them graded by (or is there a better grading company?). I am planning on selling them on ebay. Does anyone have experience with selling on ebay, and if so, do you think it would be worth sending them off to be graded first, or is it not worth the hastle?

By rustysheridan
why was this moved to classifieds? the question was about action figure grading.
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By roron corobb
Grading is a preference. I find that I don't really care about grading. I open most of my stuff too, so grading is even less on my needs list. Grading IMO only applies to carded items.

On vintage items, if they are as good as you say, you could get top $1 for them if not graded. Some people need that paper stating it, that anyone can see. I have noticed graded items have a high price tag on them to start. I don't know why, but I have never had anything graded myself.

Question about your figures, what characters are they? That might help someone help you in the right direction too. As I would not really bother on grading a Rancor Keeper mint on card, or some in the same boat. On the other had if we are talking some rare figure like Romba or Luke battle poncho I might think about having them graded. I'm not sure one what it cost to grade something, but if the figure is only worth a low amount carded, it's most likely not worth your time and money to grade.

I know you are wanting to know if it will help you to sell these items, but I can't really say if you grade them would help you sell any faster or bring in more on them. I hope that helps to answer some of your question.

roron corobb
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By YAK_Jayson
rustysheridan wrote:why was this moved to classifieds? the question was about action figure grading.

Sorry, I moved it to the Classified section as it sounded like you wanted to sell some vintage items and you might get a taker in that section.

I'll move it out of here and into the KENNER thread since these aren't Hasbro items :wink:
By rustysheridan
Roron, the figures are Yoda ESB card, Bespin Luke ESB card, Hoth Han ESB card, Poncho Leia ROTJ card, Ackbar ROTJ card, Hoth stormtrooper ESB card... those are the ones I can remember. I have another 10 or so stashed away in the closet. The rest of them are ancillary characters (ugnaught, Bespin security guard, additional stormtroopers, etc.)
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By roron corobb
If you don't mind me asking was color snake does Yoda have?

Also one thing to think about is if these cards look too good, you might have to put up with something thinking you re-carded them. In that case I might have them graded to sell, just to put that down before ti starts.

I would have most of those you have listed graded. I hope this helps.
roron corobb
By rustysheridan
I don't remember which color the snake is, but I do know that it's the more common one.

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