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By Niktom
I was thinking the other day that if I could just drop the cash, what would be my top 5 vintage items to pick up?

Although, from a major collector point of view, some of these are rather common and not really unique. What can I say, I've got simple taste. Plus, I like to think of it in a way that... yeah, one day some of these five will become reality.

No particular order as to desire...

1) Carded Droids Boba Fett. I've just always had a fascination for this one. I'm a big Fett fan and I love the gold coin.

2) Star Wars Arcade Game (stand up version). Oh the number of quarters I plugged into one of these things as a child!

3) Lili Ledy 12" R2. This thing is basically a massive 3.75" R2. It looks freaking awesome. Almost got one in an auction about 2 years ago.

4) Speeder Bike peddle car. Those things were just pure 80's coolness.

5) An actual Rocket Firing Fett. Ok, so one on my list is a major collectible. I think the only reason I really want it is to just be able to say... "yea, I've got one of those". LOL
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By Darth Wolven
I'd say mine would be:

A-Wing Fighter - One of the most expensive vehicles I believe in the whole trilogy

Poncho Luke - Need to get this figure

POTF Death Star Gunner - Might get this figure sometime

All the first 12back carded figures - I love these but they would be very dear

Vinyl Caped Jawa - Would probably cost about 300 euro
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By Spearhead24

Slave I - never added a neo-version of it to my collection...

Imperial Troop Transport

Blue Snaggletooth

VC Jawa

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