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By swccmty
Hello every one
Nearby 84-85 in Mexico, was a massive production of 3-3/4" figures of star wars, super powers, he-man, etc.In that years was no prohibition law for copyright and ilegal reproduction. This particular figures taken directly by Lili Ledy Figures, the bootlegs are a little more small figures than originals, not at all quality, Single color or full in colors, non articulated or just arms articulated, this figures was on Lucha Libre packages as dinosaurs, farms etc. and in his own baggie in 3pks. when the time goes on, this figures was sold in multipacks, then for hundred-bagm then by pounds, later that the plastic was recycled for glasses, sinthetic flowers, dishes, etc. they`ve got a sad end :(

Years ago the term "Collectible" was in his origins, many guys (like me) was on the search for these particular unlicensed figures, specially mexican ones, `couse some of them are not taken by the original figure but was a hand made sculpt based on the characters, So that are figures 100% mexican manufacture, some was on very high colors, all are very diferent among them, that`s why classify them are very hard.


And my favourites:

Complete review with many pics:
Main site:

fell free to comment!!!!!
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By YAK_Jayson
Awesome! I'd love to get one of those Yak Face bootlegs!
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By Rebojazz

Top notch collection you have there. It's been a LONG time since I've been on these boards and I just happened to log on tonight and run into this. I would love to get in touch with you as there is some information that I would love to share regarding this line. I've been researching and collecting this line for about 6 years now and have accumulated over 135 different loose variants (Mex/SA line) and a couple dozen carded and bagged versions that you might want to see ;). I'm also following up on two leads on possible (cross my fingures) factory molds.

It's good to see someone else with an interest in this line. I do have a question regarding something in your group picture but I need to do that via regular email. Can you pm me your email address or forward it to If I get around to it in the morning perhaps I'll post some photo's of my loose collection here for you to look at.

Great job Kal!

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