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By Jahilianaire
Hello fellow Collectors!
So I just received these two in the mail from a trade...i was told Chewie is a Lili Leddy and from research and comparison with 'official' images comparing others, it seems it stands true to being a 1977 lili leddy, and 1977 Vader is in mostly good shape, few white marks on the side of the cape and end of lightsaber is bent a little..
idk I guess being such a young collector (20yo) and never having the chance to actually own Vintage from way back when, it is kinda shocking to me to have them! lol
the limbs on both aren't necessarily loose, but not tight tight
Anyone have advice on storing/displaying/preserving, or facts/info on these two?

I trade a Prototype Boba Fett for these two fyi

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