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Here is a chance for you english majors out there to help give us a shot of getting a free booth. In 500 words of less write up a description and sales pitch for the UGP. I've already sent in one but lets make sure my feeble writting attempts don't doom our chances of participating.

Here is what they want.

Have an idea for a program or an activity? Do you have a special skill, and are willing to volunteer to share it with other fans? Please send a brief initial proposal (limit 500 words) to, or mail it to Star Wars Celebration IV; Attn: Mary Franklin; Lucasfilm Ltd., PO Box 29901, San Francisco, CA 94129. Include your email address and contact information. Briefly summarize what you would do, time and materials needed, number of people involved, and how the audience could participate, if at all. Initial proposals will be considered for final proposals, and do not guarantee scheduling during Celebration IV.

Please send it in to me before sending it to Mary Franklin.
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By master_phruby
Would your Star Wars Fan group like to share their experience with other fans at Celebration IV? Lucasfilm and their convention partner Gen Con, LLC plan to set aside a limited number of spaces for selected fan clubs. Talk with other fans about what your club does and recruit new members! The application process for Fan Club tables at Celebration IV will start November 17, 2006. Look for requirements and application instructions then at
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By smartypants1635
SAAAwwweeet, I think we could easily get a free booth with a good essay. What will be really cool, is then getting more people involved in customizing from this.

A free booth or several thousand dollars for 4 days..... hmmm I wonder :lol:
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By BrentS
Do you think our chances go up by having multiple people essentially pitching the same idea? I'm afraid we could potentially upset the wrong people if we "overload" them with submission requests. Thoughts?
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By YAK_Chewie
I think the best thing to do is get one pitch together, and get the signatures (or names) of everyone involved. Maybe for each person that is getting involved, we can give them a link showing their "customizing creditentials" or something.

Thanks for getting things rolling Paul!

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By master_phruby
Exactly. Send in your pitches to me and I'll pick the best one to send. I don't want everyone to send individual essays to them for fear of spaming them. Tom is getting the web site together with about four other people so we can refer to that. The sooner we get the letter together the better.

The one I sent was a very short throw away email requesting more information. I didn't find the article until after I sent it. So we need something better.
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By BrentS
I just sent over my pitch via PM. Hopefully you can get a few good ones and pick and choose the best parts. If you need any help let me know.
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By jedistyle
i sent a letter idea via pm and gave a few other ideas at the bottom. phurby said that i should bring one of them up here to see what everyone thought so here goes....

in the decription of the "letter body" phurby posted, it asks for you to tell what service your booth would be providing the fans. while our main effort is to give the a site to see and show them our hobby and support for starwars, i was thinking that we could have a raffle at the end of the convention. we could hand out tickets, or even sale them if you guys wanted and mabey give the proceeds to charitey or somthing, and at the end of the convention have a drawing. pick 10 or so people as winners and those people can pick a piece from the dio to take home with them. we could draw say 5 tickets for just a figure or 2, 3 tickets for a figure & vehicle and the last 2 could be for a building, pices of the landscape, figures or what ever they wanted.

we couls also do a set couple of prizes, like have a display of a couple custom figures made by some of our customizers, some real wow customs, and have a seperat drawinf for those.

this seems to me to be a selling point for the letter to get a "free booth". not only are we giving the fans a site to see and an introduction to our customizing communitiy,but we are providing a fun event for the fans to participate in and possibly win somthing and if we did decide to charge for the raffle tickets, even $1.00, and give it to chariety, that would be another great selling point for us inthis letter.

plus we need to figure out what to do with the entire set up after the convetion any how!

so what do youguys think??? :)
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By YAK_Chewie
Great idea Jedistyle! Sounds like you have some excellent ideas we need to consider.

I decided to go ahead and post my attempt at a pitch for the UGP. I wish I could dedicate more time to write something, and know this is by no means perfect (this is my first attempt ever at something like this)

Maybe this will at least help a bit if anyone wants something to see if you haven't sent a pitch to Phruby yet? this is slightly revised from what I originally sent Phruby.

Dear ______________,

Would you like to help a group of Star Wars fans achieve a remarkable goal at Celebration IV? For nearly a year, a group of diehard fans around North America, through several Star Wars fan site forums, have joined together to commit countless hours and resources to create a memorable customizing experience at Celebration IV - The Ultimate Group Project. Through extensive research and planning, we are finally close to making this dream a reality!

We are happy to announce that we now have a website to showcase this project, and a well known Star Wars fan site, to promote The Ultimate Group Project. We already have a number of very talented customizers working on this adventure. With your support to reserve a booth space to display the project, we can reveal the finished diorama to Star Wars fans around the world!

All one has to do is surf online Star Wars sites to learn that customizers are some of the most creative and passionate fans of Star Wars. We don't just collect Star Wars action figures, we create our own. We set out to expand the vision set out by George Lucas by creating all new characters, worlds, storylines, photonovels, dioramas, etc. You will never find a more creative hive of fans anywhere!

All of us who are dedicating our time and resources to this project would very much like to have your support to hold a workspace at Celebration IV. We welcome the opportunity to speak with a representative in person to discuss what steps we need to take in order to achieve our goal of showcasing an entire Star Wars world to fans everywhere.

For more information please visit our website at or call ________________ at _________________.

Thank you,

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By jedistyle
that sounds really good man, you hit all the major points and it sounds very professional.

if we could throw in the space requirements and mabey a few things that are contained in the dio ie. enviorment and landscape, vehilces, buildings and hundreds of figures....... it would be perfect!

great draft chewie!
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By BrentS
JediStyle - I think your idea of the raffle is a good one. The only concen I have is that some contributors might want to "protect" certain sections of the diorama or figures. However, I think we will clearly be able to justify having a number of sections that could be given away at the end of the show.
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By jedistyle
are contributors to this project getting thier contributions back afterwards? i'm not sure about all the specifics of being envolved of this project or if you get your stuff back afterward, but im sure there are enough of us that would be illing to contibute to the raffle idea to make it happen, and we could even assign certain sections numbers and the raffle can be for anything for that specific section to contol the pieces they choose from. if this was to be done, there will have to be a discussion about it and ideas gone over so that every one will be happy. but that is a great point brent, i didn't even think of that! :)
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By YAK_Chewie
Well I think a lot of it is going to do with how the actual landscape is finalized... to me it's going to be hard to divide sections up (seriously, trying to even piece them together on site and have them match up would be a logistical nightmare - that's why I like the Ready Mat idea) - but I do think that certain items from it could be up for a raffle.

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By jedistyle
i'm sure that between all the great people working on this you guys could sort it out. i just thought the raffle idea would be a good piece to include in the pitch letter because it shows that we are giving fans a chance to participate and actually take part of this display home and that might give us a little better chance at getting a booth. :)
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