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By master_phruby
Just so you all know, I feel there is a excellent chance of getting the booth space at C4 but I need to know if you all are seriously commented to this project. I really do NOT want to be the only person at this booth with nothing to show. During this next chat, we need to determine if we are really going to do this and who is in and who is out.

In the last couple of weeks I've asked for a number of things to be taken care of. I know its the holiday season but certain assignments have to be completed soon.

Since I've got the next two weeks off from work, I'm in the middle of putting together the project resume. I need more concept artwork, more stuff put on the web site, more models of buildings and figures, a updated newsletter and a updated list of people who will be working.

To put it bluntly, we need to get off our collective butts and start getting really serious about this.
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By smartypants1635

My problem is just lately I have had a project in each of my core classes, which includes Bible since im at a private school. And these next 2 weeks I have 2 tests tomorrow, a paper on the manhatten project due on friday, then a Lab write up, and after that An entire periodic table, and thats all in science.
So you can see why I am a bit busy.
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By YAK_Chewie
My problem has been that I'm working 60 hrs a week, and just have been drained. I'm trying to still customize on the side and work on photonovels too but realize I should probably slow down on that kind of stuff and concentrate more on this.

I agree, let's confirm the next chat time so we can get some more things set in stone on this. Once we get the time set, I will post it on the front page so we can hopefully make the people aware of it.

As for attending, I already know that I am not going to be able to. It's too close to the due date for my wife's pregnancy, and also I just won't have the necessary funds. I will however still be donating things for it.

Ryan (Sith Lord Chaos) and I had a chat a while back about this, and it seems he might be able to create "most" of the landscape and bring it with him in his SUV and then most additions can be added... thoughts on that? I think it's a great idea and the more that can already be pre-assembled the better.

Also, on a side note I did start on preliminary plans for the junk yard area I was planning on making for it. I am thinking it won't be too big because from what it sounds like, the booth will be smaller than we had originally planned.

Paul, should I create a group of customs that have been made for this so far?

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By BrentS
I'm still planning on being a big part of this. I've kind of been waiting for directions. I'm concerned that we've bitten off more than we can chew but I'm willing to help out as much as I can. I will be in attendance for part of the show so I want to represent!
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By jedistyle
i'd still like to be in on this in any helpful way that i can. i can definetley contribute customs and possibly some buildings or city scenary pieces. i live in so cal and i'm really hoping to attend the majority of the event so i should be able to help with the set up too.

if ryan is going to be creating most of the land scape, perhaps we should all put in on the materials he's going to have to use. just a thought....
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By YAK_Chewie
Ok, I am going to *try* to make my next two projects for this. I think right now people are dragging because of a number of reasons, including school, work, the holidays, etc. After we get it confirmed I HOPE we get more participation.

Here's my current news on this -

1 - Owen D is so slammed with everything, I don't think he will have time to make a gun tower like I hoped. So, I am going to try this myself. Wish me a lot of luck.

2 - I'll make a custom junkyard as planned soon, I think this will be easy.

3 - I have made at least 5-6 customs so far, will make many more.

4 - I will donate an AT-ST to this (provided I get it back) and a couple other custom vehicles (I need those back too).

5 - For landscape, my contribution will be paying for a Ready-Mat or two if needed, as well as sending shrubbery/grass supplies that can be added on last minute on site.

6 - I have an idea for a wall for the city that might work out really well - it's from the Jurassic Park playset - what if we used this fence for it (I might have one) -


Might be kind of cool - you can spread it out to make it a long wall, not just a circle.

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By pendragon
Lots of luck, J-man!

And I dig the JP fence - it'd definitely give the feeling of an enclosed, heavily controled area. Perfect. 8)

As for what I'm contributing:
You know I got your web-stuff covered (for which I should have more updates by the end of the week). And I'll be emailing to those who responded to the 1st team email this week too.

And I'll have a 7-person squad to lend (I'd want 'em back), if'n y'all want 'em.
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By smartypants1635
Justin that Holding Pen is perfect for the slave ( spice slaves) holdin' area.
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By YAK_Chewie
Thanks guys, I think that fence area could work for a lot of things. I also do think it could work well for a perimeter fence for the city/Imperial base area.

Also I do have good news regarding a turret - I spoke with Owen, and he is probably going to be able to make something similar to this for me and I'll have it in time to send for the display... but I do definitely want it back. I'll cover shipping/etc for anything that I would like to have back. It might have a more open design, with a seating area - not sure yet.


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By YAK_Chewie
Interesting thread, thanks for the link Brent. Can't say I really argue with it either. I'm a little afraid though that if someone misses any deadline, that they're kicked off. Personally, if my wife has an emergency with her pregnancy, that comes first. So if I get kicked off the team because something like that comes up, I guess that there's nothing I can do about it, and my role if allowed by the boss would be to promote it. :?

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By jedistyle
all of that is true and personaly i like phurby's new approach!

i must admit i hadn't been active in this thing for a long while since i was over seas but i have tried to get into it the past couple months, for whatever it's worth...
i did a couple figures and gave the application letter a shot, not much compared to others but i'm willing to contribute some more.

i don't much frequent JD anymore but i'm sure that some vital info and what not was lost between sites and that is quite a problem.

the chat thing seems like a big problem to, which is why i suggested a chat thread. a drwn out conversation that takes 2 days or so is better than no conversatioon at all!

and i have to say, that if this project is making people feel like this and there is a possibility that people will get thier feelings hurt or create animosity between community members, mabey it is best to let this go. this was supposed to be fun thing for the community right? no somting to make peoples lives harder and create tension. mabey next celebration or the one after that somthing like this could be tried. this is such a great hobby, it should never go the direction it's headed....

i suppose we will just have to wait and see the direction phurby goes and how people respond.....
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By smartypants1635
YAK_Chewie wrote:Interesting thread, thanks for the link Brent. Can't say I really argue with it either. I'm a little afraid though that if someone misses any deadline, that they're kicked off. Personally, if my wife has an emergency with her pregnancy, that comes first. So if I get kicked off the team because something like that comes up, I guess that there's nothing I can do about it, and my role if allowed by the boss would be to promote it. :?


Dude Paul has children, he knows how things like this can be, there is no way you would get kicked out because of the baby :wink:
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By YAK_Chewie
Well we definitely don't want tension or hard feelings between people with it like Jedistyle said. If that starts to happen, then the whole reason behind the project would be lost. I don't think it's to that point yet. I think that some people are frustrated with some aspects of it, and I can't say I blame them.

I'm at the point where I didn't know where to go with it because my schedule is pretty erratic, and we don't even have the green light with it yet. It seems like once we hit a point where the discussion of a high booth rent came up, a lot of people disappeared. I admit that was scary though, the thought of it costing thousands of dollars wasn't a very attractive thing! Luckily though we know now that if it does happen, the rent won't hurt us.

And Smarty, I understand your post. Just don't want to be at a point where I'm counted on to be contributing something and back out. Most likely come May, I'll have to be done with this other than offering verbal support. That will be the 8th month of pregnancy, and at that point I don't know if I will have very much time for anything in the hobby. Hopefully there will still be some free time though. I will do my best, that's a promise.

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By smartypants1635
And thats not a problem at all dude 8) Family first!

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