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By pendragon
Hello & welcome to headquarters!

Your web team for this project will be:
Smartypants, Darth Deastron, Elmeaux, Phalanxx, PatreekTheRodian, DmG - thanks for coming abord guys!

Here's where we'll be posting our updates, assignments, and current status for the web team & anyone else who's interested.

While this will primarily be for web team discussions, we welcome any comments, suggestions or ideas from anyone. Think of it as you would any another custom. Just flatter & more virtual :)

so to move on...


1) Finalize Infrastructure
Responsible Member(s): All
Deadline: Saturday - Jan 13th
Progress: Check out Mambo & Joomla

2) Finalize Overall Site Look
Responsible Member(s): All
Deadline: Saturday - Jan 20th
Progress: We've got 3 designs offered up:
And Elmeaux's pic below
Let us know what you think. And team, lets get the look decided on so we can move forward & get that content movin' !


1) FTP username & password
Responsible Member(s): All
S Deadline: Saturday - Dec 16th
Progress: Elmeaux, Phalanxx, & Arvin - You have FTP accounts. Anyone else that still wants one can ask, but we gotta be movin' forward. 8)

2) Lets talk about Site Sections
Responsible Member(s): All
Deadline: Saturday - Dec 16t
Progress: "FIGUREs, VEHICLEs, DIORAMAs, SPONSORs, C4, & CREDIT" - Yup, it's the final word.

Yeee haaa. 8)
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By BrentS
I actually like this one better:

I think the figure concept section in the danney one is cool and could easily be incorporated. However, from a look and feel I like the way the original one looks.
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By smartypants1635
Wow, awesome job getting this all ready for some extensive work. Un fortunately I have no time for this until after the 22 because of the damn school finals. :(
But I can say I like the Pendragon's design best. it just looks different somehow than alot of the other sites ive seen for things like this. The idea of DMGS for the figures vehicles and such is a great idea, and can easily be incorperated like Brent said. One thing I would change though is add names and creators under each figure vehicle and piece concept art work.
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By pendragon
YAK_Chewie wrote:That link is taking me to a different site right now - I think that it's typed wrong -

That it was - but it's fixed now :wink:

smartypants1635 wrote:One thing I would change though is add names and creators under each figure vehicle and piece concept art work.

That's a great idea Smartz! And as far as not being able to help, if you keep the discussion going & keep adding ideas, you're still a big help, man 8)
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By jedistyle

i also prefer this one. the other one is very cool. but this one just seems to be a bit brighter and has more going on at first glance. great work on both of them though.
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By pendragon
Hey team!

We need some work done on at least geting the Sections nailed down.

Patreek, my man, what happened to your cool map?

And Darth Deastron, Phalanxx, we need your input especially on the CMSs you recomended.

Also, you should all have a few emails from pendragon @ if you haven't checked recently.

Thanks guys! :)

And thanks to the folks who've commented on our web sites! Any details you can give us (on what you like & dislike about either site) would be infinitely useful 8)

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By pendragon
Hey cool! Progress :D And I've updated the first post to reflect it. I'll update more tomorrow.

Seems like we most of us agree that there needs to be the following, general sections:
FIGUREs, VEHICLEs, DIORAMAs, SPONSORs, C4, & CREDITs (I really like the Credits idea!).

I'd say the only real difference between your sections & mine, DmG, is that each of your sections for customs have the word Concept in them, and I listed Concepts as a separate section.... (well, That and a Contact Us page.)

Seeing as how we don't have the official word on what will & won't be in the UGP world yet, I think we can safely dispense with the word Concept all together. We don't really need a separate section for it, and we can cover both Concepts & 'Official' UGP Figs, Vehicles, & Dios under those 3 customs sections. And I like the idea of thumb-nailed pics too.

As for the Contact Us page: I'm not sure that we need one, but then again, most sites do have them.
We don't really have any phone numbers, or an address, so really, the only thing left would be emails. I'm thinking we can put those in the Credits section tho.... What do you guys think?

JD & the YAK:
Links to Yak & JD boards could go into the Credits or Sponsors section, or they could be added on to the main page somewhere (like a side bar or something). Either way, they should definitely be on the site somewhere. Good Call!

The Frapper map seems to be working now - not sure why it wasn't before. But either there was a temporary glitch, or Patreek fixed it ;D - if you did, thank you, mon ami!

Phalanxx wrote:...but I don't know if a CMS type of site is really needed for this style of website. It really depends on how frequent the site is going to updated and how much info is going posted. Is the site going to be more of a site to showcase our ideas and progress or are we going to use the site to everyone update of the whole project. I see the JD and Yak forum sections as the main way for project discussion and updates.

I agree with Phalanxx on this point. While it might open things up to more participation, it feels like JD & the Yak already serve the purpose to me.
How do you non-WebTeam UGP folk feel about this?

DmG wrote:not sure what I can do but ill help out where I can. I changed a bit on my site too. Not sure what else I can add to it at this point, maybe a personal info page for who ever is involved with the project.

Dude, you're helping just by giving us all a second take on the UGP site! 8)
Question for you tho: I'm not sure I know what you mean by "personal info page for who ever is involved with the project." Do you mean a Credits section kind of page, or like a section of short bios for the members (cuz that'd be pretty cool too)?
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By jedistyle
wow, that third and latest site design looks great and i think it's my favorite yet!

it has a good layout and there are some cool action scene's in the pics which i think is a big atractor.

good work! :)
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By Darth_Deastron
Sorry that I didn't help that much lately, it's just that I've been very busy with in the past few weeks. I'll see if I can come up with a template.
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By pendragon
Darth_Deastron wrote:Sorry that I didn't help that much lately, it's just that I've been very busy with in the past few weeks. I'll see if I can come up with a template.

Tell me about it! This past week has been hell & I haven't been able to get one danm thing done on it! :x

Look, don't worry about another template, unless you've got some revolutionary ideas, or really really want to.

Not to brush you off, DD, my man,
but we just gotta move forward and make a final choice on the look & what goes into it.

And then, the coding begins :mrgreen:
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By pendragon
OK, guys. Lets help promote this project!

Here's the deal:

I want a yea or nae vote on the use of a content management system from everyone on the team.
If you vote yes, state which one.
Deadline is this Sunday (the 21st) 11:59 pm

I also want a critique on each of the site designs we have so far.
What you like, and what you don't care for.
Same deadline.

I'm waiting on the ever-busy, but ever-courageous Smarty to get back to me on how the pic gathering is going. Once we have content & a desided site look/infrastructure, we'll divide the areas (FIGUREs, VEHICLEs, DIORAMAs, SPONSORs, C4, & CREDIT) & get 'em done up right.

Come on guys, we've got the quickest job on this project. And if we have a web site up & running, then we can advertise on the front pages of the Yak, JD, and maybe get some real interest drummed up.

I don't see our site as only applicable after the fact. If we want this to be as great as it can be & show folks that there is some life in such an awesome, hobby-spanning, from-the-heart endeavor, then lets get this done & up.

If, I haven't heard input or opinions from Smartypants, Darth Deastron, Elmeaux, Phalanxx, PatreekTheRodian, & DmG on these two subjects by the end of the week, I'll take whatever I recieve, and make a decision next Tuesday evening (the 23rd), based on what ever I have available to me.

E-mail me with your thoughts (even if they mimic Ryans).
I'll open up a couple polls on the Yak regarding this for .

Thanks. And Sound Off Like You Gotta Pair! ;D
(PS - I'll post this @ the Yak & send this out in email too, so don't worry about reading it twice if you run across it again.)
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By Darth_Deastron
Ok, I think we should use Mambo CMS. It's really easy to use, and the templates can be made easily.

What you need to do to make the template is, download the default template, use that template's css, and modify it, then insert the php tags from the default template, into the new template, so we have a new/original look.

I use Mambo CMS for the Star Wars collecting site that I've been running , and it's also used by Kris Van de Sande on .
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