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By pendragon
It's time once again to hit that hard refresh & see all new stuff on!

The site has been updated as of 6:45 EDST this morning (I tryed to PM ya Chewie, but you're busy, busy man ;)).

We've got tons of new pics, a few handy new FAQs, and some wonderful news on the front page! GO! NOW! Look! See! Breath in that lovely newly updated web site smell!!
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By YAK_Chewie
One quick note on something that I noticed - ... mage10.htm

I wish I could take credit for making that, but it was actually Coeli who did.

Also, the secretary is Jedistyle (not Purge).

Anyways though - Awesome! You're the man Pendragon, thanks for the update and updating the site! Sorry I hadn't replied to your PM yet - I do get quite a few and have been busy... sorry.

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By jedistyle
great work pendragon, the site looks great, you've really done a good job, very professional. i mentioned it in the weekly UGP update email! :)
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By pendragon
Thanks for the heads-up Chewie - should be all fixed now. And thanks to both of you for the praise as well - Gotta give wicked props to Elmeaux on that too!

To anyone who's put work into this project: Please check the site's Community Page. If you don't see your name there, send it (first & last) to me in a PM so we can give credit where credit's due for these beautiful custom works. 8)

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