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By pendragon
Site #1: Image click to see the actual site Be sure to check the actual site! The bottom banner is pretty damn cool!
Site #2: Image click to see the actual site
Site #3: Image click to see the actual site

We've got 2 VERY nice looking web site designs, and my own design as well.

But we'd like to get some feedback on them and choose a look by next Monday.

So, please take a millisecond to vote, and if it's not to troublesome, take a few seconds to critique the sites. Just as if they were customs. Let us know what you like and/or what you might change in each of the designs.

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By smartypants1635
I voted for 3, i just love the stormies, and just the rest of the way its designed
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By jedistyle
i went with 2. i really like the battle shot of the rebels in the speeder with the stormtrooper on the side and the shot with the citizen and the jawa showing a little regular life. great work and some great shots! :)

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