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By YAK_Chewie
Just a heads up to our readers here, over at we have been discussing with Niub Niub (Frank) the possibility of including the UGP into his already allocated space for C4. With the hassels we've had and the uncertainty, I'd like to see how many people are in favor of this. I definitely am!

Head on over to for information on this post from him main page -

Since I couldn't carry my Dioramas with me on the plane, I won't have any of my scenes on display at Celebration IV, so this year MORE THEN EVER, I need YOUR help. If you are attending Celebration IV, Have created an ultra cool Diorama that you can bring with you to L.A., then Send me some pics. I would LOVE to offer you a display space in the Workshop. Imagine how you can inspire others to join in the fun we have building in our little community

I was able to get in contact with him recently and now that he is aware of what we are doing, he has been offering support to us over at the forums at JD. We have been chatting with him on this and so far it sounds like this is a definite possibility!

This is GREAT NEWS everyone, and we'll continue to keep the communication coming to our forum as well, but definitely keep and eye on things at JD, and on the front pages of both sites as well for what we are hoping will be some really good news.

As a thank you to what he is offering for us, I would suggest that if anyone is able to assist him on his project, to do so IF you can. He is in need of many Endor army builders for his Endor Diorama that he is going to be building at C4, and we should return the favor in any way we can.

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By BrentS
I am 100% in favor of this. I think its the way to go.
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By smartypants1635
Yeah alright, if we cant get a booth for free,lets definately take him up on his offer.
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By jedistyle
sounds great! with that, what else do we need to get done?
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By jedistyle
to be quite honest i haven't really worked on buildings before and am' not positive what exactly foamcore is, so if you could show me some examples of what it is and where i can get it, i'd be more than happy to give it a try!

what sort of buildings am i making?

what are the dimensions?

is there a color scheme/style?
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By YAK_Chewie
Sure - no problem.

Foam core is kind of like poster board with a foam material in middle, giving it strength -


Walmart carries it and so do hobby stores.

Check this out for some really cool information on it - ... ice_01.asp

If you haven't worked with it, it might be hard to try and get something made with this short of notice, but heck what do I know...

I'll get you some more information soon hopefully, but Ryan at Jedidefender is running most of the information on the buildings.

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By jedistyle
yea, i could do up a droid junk yard, for this project. it looks to be just an open junkyard with a single front room for the dealer right?

what are the dimensions and color scheme we need?
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By BrentS
Wow, this has changed a lot since Glassman's drawing. I'm trying to get caught up and it looks like I need to hit JD next!

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