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Hey guys, I would like to discuss with you some final decisions on some specifics with the Rebellion theme that is going to go in with the UGP.


There will be three Jedi in the diorama - all facing off against Vader.

First, this one by Jedistyle -


And second, this other Jedi by Jedistyle (if he is willing to send it) -


Here's the two Jedi that I'm sending -


This one might just be laying there dead -




I have talked with Ryan about this quite a bit, and we are thinking we only want about 6 or so Rebels in the whole diorama. This diorama is for an Imperial dominated world that has a firm grip.

That being said, the Rebels are there for a reason - have we established this reason yet? I'd like to work on a small plot line that we can add into the website description, with a mission a small group of Rebels is working towards completing - to steal plans for a rumored Imperial super weapon (but not to mention the Death Star). A while back we had talked about having Rykrof Enloe in the diorama - I'd really like to add him in as leading the Rebel group - but no other photonovel characters from my series, just Rykrof...

...then, while the Rebels are trying to break in and steal the plans, a group of Jedi are sent in to distract the Imperials and Vader, giving the Rebels a chance to find the plans (which obviously they don't - they are either captured, die, or escape). The Jedi squaring off against Vader will be in one part of the city, while in an alley the Rebels fight for their lives against a group of Stormtroopers... thoughts? Then we have an actual plot line behind the city... and we can even print this on sheets and laminate them and have them in front of the display. Of course we'd want to word it a lot better than I have!

As for the Rebels, I would like to incorporate the following Rebels into the diorama that Fritz has made - these first two were not for the project but we are going to try and replicate them.

Image Image ImageImage

Fritz has made some GREAT Rebel concepts and I think should be applauded... on the other ones not shown, I am not saying they shouldn't be used, but personally I think these four are the best ones - it's the color selection used and I just see them as fitting in better than some of the others that have so much more green to their outfits (almost like they have too much of a GI JOE feel to them?).

Now this guy I like too - but without all the extra accessories (I'd just give him an Endor helmet) - or paintnig the large bazooka at least.


Now, for Security Forces - I believe Fritz has really made the only Security Forces so to speak -


I say we stick with these guys... I am going to send Fritz two POTJ Imperial Officer bodies to make a couple more.



For the Rebels, the leaders have chatted some lately and we're considering either NO rebel vehicles, or just one, because the Rebel presence is so small... which should it be if we go with one rebel tank?






We are leaning towards NO REBEL VEHICLES however.



Unless something falls through, for all intents and purposes, Darth Anton is providing the entire Imperial troops (to my knowledge). There is no need for anyone else to bring Imperials at all, other than this custom Imperial by Daigo-Bah - which will go next to a Vader that I am providing -


The thought process behind this is that many of us are wanting to really get a feel of what we see in ANH - very strict, standardized Imperial uniformity in terms of troops... meaning that there's not commando Stormtroopers or anything like that... this planet, after all, is for all intents and purposes a purely Imperial world - commandos and the sort would probably be deployed more on worlds that are at war/etc. Make sense? I hope it does... we will have lots of Imperial Officers, Scout Troopers, and Imperial Technicians at least.



Now, here's what we think we need:

MECH WALKER - Now, I can send mine, or maybe Fritz can send one of his. But I think only one of us should - our painting styles are very different and would cause a lack of uniformity in the Imperial ranks.

Here's mine -


And a recent one by Fritz -


Fritz - this is your call - if you want to send yours, I won't send mine.

IMPERIAL HOVER TANK - Again, Fritz and I have very different styles and I think they are too differnet to mesh well.

Here's my version -



And here's one by Fritz (Rob, I'm not sure if you have any of these still or not though) -




We also need an AT-ST - I kind of want two in the diorama, one in the city and one out in the terrain. We prefer to use this one from the POTJ line, and don't want one with pealing off stickers... wondering if Darth Anton will let us borrow one of these -


Finally, looks like going to go with 6 BARC Speeders, a bit of a throwback to the Clone Wars era instead of using speederbikes. I have 6 that are from the new Saeulimaci (sp?) battle pack that I'll be sending.



I have a few of these creatures, they are a little smaller than a Star Wars figure - they can sit on the city walls.




We have lots so far... but keep cranking out more folks if you can! We can definitely use some more Arcona species! Also maybe some Gran, Ishi Tibs or Hammerheads.



I can send this and it can be a regular citizen speeder instead of Imperial -


However it doesn't have the droid head anymore (but still looks great without it - it was never glued on). There are Imperial markings, maybe the residents there use Imperial public transportation.


For City Denizens - We need to discuss some more. In about a week I should have a good idea on what I can send - anywhere around 50 custom background citizens perhaps... and I'll take new pics of everything and post them before I mail them off.

Another thing - the DROID JUNKYARD that we had discussed some... do you guys want this included still? I think it would be really cool.

Hey guys - we can definitely discuss this more - these were just my personal preferences, and I talked with Ryan a bit about it the last couple days at we had come to some basic agreements - but if anyone wants to give other views - please do...

That's it for now... PLEASE POST YOUR THOUGHTS ON ALL OF THIS GUYS! We can't diddle daddle any more on this... I've been committed to what I can for a while, and still am, but as for me constructing much more, after I finish what I am doing on the wall and the large tower, I'm pretty much out of the construction phase. I've known this for a while and have been up front about it - I'll still be around for questions/ideas/promotions/etc.

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By jedistyle
nice summary of the set up chewie.

-on the jedi, i really like the one you there that is all beat up, i all 3 jedi are going to be battling vader, this one should definetley be there the be the one on his knees getting decapitated...

i would like to see my bii trow jedi in the ugp, but i think she may be a bit to traditional looking a jedi, and if your beat up jedi is used, then i don't really think we chould have another traditional jedi there.

i do have 2 more "order 66" survivor jedi that you may like for this project. i was going to hang on to them for possibility's for the nevt monthly challenge, but i'll pos them to see wht you think...

-all of fritz rebels look amazing, especially the wookie and mon calimari. i think all and any of these guys would be great for the UGP.

-is this somthing that is going to be used? if it's an imperial controlled planet and there is an imperial base, then they may have disbanned the indiginous security force. but if we do use a security force then this style of security looks great. is it all being provided by fritz? or do we need to but together more of these, and how many?

-i like the gren one you have from owen. fritz version looks great, but the green one i think may be more tactical and could hold all the small rebel force for stick and hit, quick exfil missions.

-thats very generous of darth anton. i think fritz mentioned that we should have another fan-fin style imperial so if everyone likes i can contribute this one....

=Imperial Infantry General Grambil=
(this is a concept Imperial Gen. for the time frame of TFU.)

-i also have 2 imperial mechs i put together, but they are a different style. i'll post pics for, but otherwise, your hover tank and his mechs look great.

-so the arconians are the native speices on this planet? i can probably but a couple of those together.

is there anything else that we need to get done, specificaly?
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By YAK_Chewie
Hey Jedistyle, you're awesome... thanks for the information/ideas.

More Jedi? I guess show pics of whatever you have, and we can make a decision. Maybe we'll throw out the dying Jedi and replace him with another of yours? I just added this guy to the mix, I think he would look good for the diorama -


As for security forces, I think we are going to go ahead and include them, Fritz will create two more of them - giving us 4 of those guys which should be plenty.

I like your Imperial a lot. We've kind of had some debate on whether we want many fan fic Imperials or not. If we include this guy perhaps he could be in charge of the local security forces?

Citizens - I'd say if you want to create any more for it, that Arcona would be a great species to use... I have 3-4 for the project, if you make any we should have a decent representation of them.

For native species - I think the only "indigenous" creature will be these -


We're going to have anywhere frmom 3-10 of them distributed throughout.

Here are two areas we DO need help on -

1) - a building or two (Ryan/Sith Lord Chaos at JD would be the one to talk to)

2) - a droid junkyard - I'm considering trying this but if you want to try it, you are more than welcome. let me know and I'll give you more specifics...


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