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By master_phruby
I would like to annouce some changes to the leadership of the Ultimate Group Project. We've decided to have Greg Glassow (glassman6) take over the role of custom figures and vehicle leadership from Scott (darth_ennis) for the remainder of the project.

Also, we've decided to have Erik (jedistyle) take over the role as UGP secretary from Adam (smartpants) and clonecommander1. He will be sending out a newsletter soon and will be refreshing our email list. If you are not on the email list or don't remember if you are, please pm him.

I want to thank Scott and Adam for their hard work over the past year. Without their contributions we would never be were we are today. Thank you guys very much for your work and hope to have some new customs from you for the project. I hope to see you all at C4.
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By smartypants1635
See yah there paul! and sorry for my absences lately, school and all. Glad to have JS workin on this now.
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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah Jedistyle is a good choice.

Smarty, you can make this up to me in a few months when I pick up on my photonovels - you can do me the favor of proof reading a story before I post it! :twisted:

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By smartypants1635
Sweet, that is always a pleasure to read those installments Justin. Count me in. :lol:
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