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By master_phruby
Great pictures. I'm up for anything you suggest Ben. We've got a long time to think. I'm considering making a series of small group projects that will hopefully end up in the big c5 dio someday.
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By YAK_Chewie
Let me know when you want to do some more Group Projects and I hope you'll want to include them in the forums here. I'll be happy to run them front page exposure here. PM me if you want or AIM is chewierykrof

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By jedistyle
i'm definetley in for another group project. i miss the great participation and envolvement from the UGP community.
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By YAK_Chewie
Thanks Blowtorch, it was definitely a lot of fun!

Jedistyle, there's always the Yakfinities for now I suppose, or maybe we could do a mini group project where things are made for a photonovel or something?

I'd love to get some things made for a Rykrof Enloe photonovel (hint hint) and of course send them back to the people who made them.

OR - we could even write a basic plotline photonovel, and take it from there...

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By raziel
8) Does anyone know if Owen is working on anything big right now?
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By jedistyle
from what i understand he just takes projects as people request them. drop him an email, i'm sure he'd be happy to work with you on a project. :)

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