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What kind of group project are we thinking of? Character based? diorama? Lets have some suggestions. I'm all in for starting a new one up.

Right now, I'm in the process of redesigning the UGP web site. I'm going to be moving the previous regular group project pictures there. I'm also starting to setup member galleries. If you would like to have your pictures posted, please shoot me an email.

The main gateway will be [url][/url]. [url][\url] will be dedicated to C4's city only. Please send me any work in progress pictures for the C4 project you may have. I'm still designing a project yearbook for C4. I hope to be able to distribute it to everyone someday.
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By jedistyle
the site sounds cool paul.

as far as a project goes, it seems tought to come up with somthing that dosnt have an ultimate display purpose.....

-i have a massive geonosis arena diorama made by owen.d. that might be a cool piece to work with. if it did go to an event we could make it a good size and create surrounding enviorment ie. rocks.cliffs.downed gunships etc...

and as far as the group aspect goes, i know it's mostly droids and geonsian, but it would be really cool to have the community make the 212 jedi that fought in that battle. thats a grip of custom jedi and it would look really cool having it populated like that.....

-another cool one would be a big mountain side that has a spice mine and show all the spice mine workers and the organization that runs it.

it all really depends on the axpect of the project, you can't really just do figure because that would parallel all the customizing challenges around the boards.

anyone else got ideas? :roll:
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By master_phruby
I think I've created a monster with all the customizing challanges around the boards. Its a good thing. They bring the community together. What if three or four of us made a small diorama together? Something about 3x4 or 4x5. We would send the pieces in to me for assembly and pictures. We could do this over about 2-3 months. We could ship it back to whoever wants it or ebay it off and split the proceeds. Just an idea.
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By jedistyle
thats sounds like a cool idea. then you'll just take pics and add them to the site?

what sort of idea/theme where you thinking of?
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By raziel
:lol: Thats actually not a bad idea chewie!

I cant get involved with big stuff as shipping would be astronomical but I think that if you specified a planet you were thinking of using PN wise the Rykrof fans could get involved?

Just a thought :wink:

We have all waited sooooooooooooooo long for the new stuff that I think it would add some kind of create your own element to our beloved - sorry your beloved series :?:
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By master_phruby
Sounds like a good idea for some discussion. Chewie would have to spear head this with descriptions of the kind of sets he wants us to create.
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By YAK_Chewie
Thanks for the willingness to discuss this guys.

Basically, my idea would be to have some assistance with creating a modular town for the planet Dantooine. I want to add Dantooine as a major setting in the Rykrof Enloe series in future chapters.

There are a couple of areas of the planet that I plan on making -

(1) A cave - I plan on doing this

(2) A terrorist base - I plan on doing this

(3) A wilderness homestead - I plan on doing this

(4) A field of grass/landscape - I plan on doing this

(5) Several small modular buildings - I can do some, but here's where I'm asking for help.

The (5) section refers to part of the small settlement I want to create. Basically it needs a few market stalls (similar to the ones that Jedistyle and Brent made for the UGP). A custom landspeeder or two would be cool too, but I am looking for everything to be 100% civilian, because I only want to reveal that there is a civilian element on this planet. Anything war related, or bounty hunter/etc. I want to leave out or add in on my own as the plot line I am working on needs to be suspensful for a twist in the storyline.

Anyways, I am at minumum 6 months away from being ready to work on a Dantooine area other than a small cameo shot in an upcoming chapter foreshadowing that Rykrof Enloe will be on a mission to that planet at some point.

But I will say this - Dantooine is going to be the equivalent of Tatooine in the Rykrof Enloe series before it's all said and done because of the significant events that happen on that planet throughout the storyline, especially after the Clone Wars.

One stipulation that I will have - I will have to be able to reserve the right to use what items are made and may not use everything that could potentially be made. Not that I want to come off as rude by any means, but if something is made that doesn't fit in, or is poorly constructed/etc. and sticks out then I'd be very hesitant to use it. I know my photonovels are very far from perfect, but at the same time I've worked countless hours on these trying to improve their quality. I may also ask someone if I can have their permission to make a change to something too - if something is spray painted and I think I could upgrade the appearance by handpainting over it, I'll ask for permisson to do so, or might find that the item doesn't fit in with the look of the territory.... can you tell I take these seriously? :lol:

If nobody's interested in something like this though, I completely understand. It would be fun to have some involvement with some people on this but I am perfectly ok with making everything for it on my own too.

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By BrentS
I'd be glad to donate any of the things I've already made for the UGP for your photonovel needs. I had plans to convert some of these to Tatooine style buildings (repaint) but haven't done anything yet.

If you are interested, drop me a PM.
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By jedistyle
this would be a fun and cool project, i'd liek to participate as well.

i actually have 4 small, very modular buildings, all the same shape and size, that have a real "just poped up over night" settlement look to them. they may be prefect fo rthi skind of deal.

i would also be very willing to build somthing from scratch to your specifications chewie.

just let me know what your after and i'll put somthing together. :)
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By YAK_Chewie
You guys are simply awesome! Not that I'm sure this will be what everyone wants to do for a project or not, but I am really honored that some people would consider it.

I'd say for sure that it would be several months away before I'd have any idea on what this would entail, other than a few structures. Right now I have so many other things going on but do plan on continuing the photonovels, and would absolutely be thrilled to be able to create some sort of city for one (or more chapters too).

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By master_phruby
Well there has been talk of a sandcrawler but I think techinically it would be very difficult to pull off without certain dedicated individuals. A scene with a few buildings would be easier given the flake factor. Nothing huge like our last project. I'm just thinking something with three or four buildings and maybe a detailed interior or two. I'd want the scene to be versitile enough that it could be used for different unrelated scenes. Something that could double as mulitple places. Maybe a military base?
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By YAK_Chewie
I'm glad there is some interest in this idea - also, I saw the idea of making a large scale Sandcrawler - pretty cool idea, but I agree with what a couple people at JD said, in that it is probably too big/detailed of a project to be able to pull off.

Also, here's another idea - how about a Jawa settlement, with a few moisture farmers visiting to trade goods? If people wanted to, a small Imperial detachment could be present "looking for two certain droids."

It wouldn't need a large scale sandcrawler at it, but could be more of a fan fiction idea.

Basically here's my thinking -

- large base area (sand or something similar)

- mountain/cliffs backdrop

- Jawa dwellings (small homes, shops, etc)

- droid/vehicle junkyard (area they dump parts they pick up from wrecked ships that won't fit in their sandcrawlers)

- custom sandcrawler-esque vehicle (something smaller than a scale sandcrawler - fan fiction design kind of like the ones seen in KOTOR)

That's just an idea. I am happy there is some interest to help me make some Dantooine buildings for a photonovel, but if you want to get the ball rolling on something soon, I have to admit I am many months away from being able to commit to anything for a photonovel, because I have at least 4-5 chapters before I can get to a Dantooine scene. Maybe even longer... not sure yet. I'd hate to disappoint everyone if my timing was later than expected.



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By jedistyle
thats a god idea.

i think there would be alot of participation in somthinig like the sandcrwler project. if we did somting like the OG UGP, but on a smaller scale and in a dantooine or tatooine style, people would get into to it. mabey like a fringe space port that is small and primative, like a pop up minng town during that gold rush kinda deal.

-an open faced simple cantina would be cool

-a small sandcrwler, with some droid and junk trading jawas trying to pedal thier wares

- a couple pop up looking building were some hutt thugs are selling weapons and supplies for the farmers and workers to protect themselves.

-and a couple of civilian buildings for the one that live out there.

-if we were so inclined, mabey some enviorment, of course the sand and perhaps a cliff face with a coupe tuskens eyeing the settlers and mabey taking a shot at them.

this could be done in somewhat the same fachion as the outlander story arc, or look like ascene we saw inthat comic series.

just a few thoughts...
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By YAK_Chewie
Those are some cool ideas Jedistyle. We could also pehaps make a large tent - I seem to remember seeing a paintnig somewhere of something along those lines.
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