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UGP 2.0 - Customizers - would you be interested in being part of another one?

YES - absolutely
MAYBE - on the fence
NO - not interested
No votes
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By jedibyron
I've been a SW fan litterally all my life... and yet I've never been to a convention. It'd be awesome to go to one especially if we were doing a project like this one... I'll be interested to see what happens with this and would like to be involved as much as I can...
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By Niktom
I am already making plans to attend CV even though there are no official plans laid out yet. I have never been to a Celebration and just cannot miss the next one. With that said...

I would love to participate by creating a Yak's Pub scene. It would be a cut away of sorts where you could view the inside.
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By YAK_Chewie
I've never made to one either... would probably need for it to be in St. Louis or within a couple hours for me to be able to make it.

A Yak's Pub scene would be awesome!

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By smartypants1635
I'm in! But has the CV been announced yet?
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By jedistyle
i would be happy to be involved in the ugp again! as far a themes there are so many that could be done, first thought, would we have to do the whole letter deal again in an effort to get a free fan booth?
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By YAK_Chewie
I've been talking behind the scenes with Phruby and Ryan a lot the past few months. It looks like the organizers of the last one are not up for a second round due to the location mostly. I am going to talk to Phruby about contact information for people that might want to do their own project. If there is one, I think I will try and assist, but in a lower capacity than last round.

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By jedistyle
i see. well thats a shame. we can try to keep it a bit more on the modest scale.......try to make it a bit easier and not so over bearing by choosing a simple theme..... do we have anyone from the first round that is near the C5 site or will be going?
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