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By Darth_Ennis
So has this been finallised? Do we actually have the website now?
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By BrentS
I'm pretty sure that the space is now available. However, I think he was waiting for someone to work on the design of the website, etc. I'm sure there are still a bunch of behind the scenes activities.
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By YAK_Chewie
I wish I had more time right now to work on stuff for this. Unfortunately my work is the busiest I've ever seen since I've been here. I'd love to help on the site, but I don't know much about coding/html. I could work on banners/ideas though when I get more time.

By patreektherodian
Please check out my proposal in the website name thread.
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By pendragon
Yes sir! It is official, space IS available, and elmeaux has offered up some kick-butt talent for coding (some real good looking sites!).

But, like the rest of us, elmeaux's slightly busy. HOWEVER, we will get this off the ground - and soon... :twisted: , er, I mean 8)
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By master_phruby
I just got a lead!

Hello! The exhibitor information is just being finalized and should be on the website by next week. I can also mail you a packet if you send me your address. Thanks! There may be fan booths but those will be handled by Mary Franklin.

I'vd asked for the exhibitor information and emailed Mary Franklin about fan booths. Keep your fingers crossed.
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By BrentS
Great update Phruby. Hopefully this is the break-through we needed!
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By master_phruby
We now have a deadline for getting the web site up and running. (even initally)

NOVEMBER 17, 2006

This is the day fan group submissions MUST be submitted for C4.
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By BrentS
Great news Phruby. We need everyone to come together to get this set-up very slick looking in order to present a "professional" arrangement.
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By smartypants1635
Ok almost 3weeks. I'm gonna try and brush up on my HTML coding and see what I can put together to help take some stress off of Pendragon.
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By pendragon
Awesome work indeed!

And thanks for the offer Smarty! :D But I think I got us somewhat covered. and as I mentioned over at the almost dead JD (and man, that lack of activity makes me very, very sad):
I begin work tomorrow night!

Also, it seems that we have at least 4 others willing to share their talent & time on this. So I'll be contacting folks as soon as I get a solid plan together.

We WILL, at very least, have a front page designed, hosted, & visible before the 17th.

Guess this makes me the web team manager, huh?

I don't mean to appoint myself, and if anyone else desperately wants this, by all means, go to it! But I think we're gonna need some organization to this, and I've finally got the time to devote to it, so I volunteer. 8)

For right now, I'd really like some ideas on what y'all'd like to see for a layout.

While I'd especially like to hear from the folks that have offered to help in the web department (Elmeaux, Smarty, Darth Deastron, M_P, Patreektherodian, and anyone else I may have missed), I'd love to hear what any net-surfer has to say on their loves or hatreds of certain page types.

Specifically, which do people want to see more: the Yak/RS/JD/etc... blog-ishness with sidebars? or a slick site that acts as more of a showcase for the project?

To clarify: A front page which gives the viewer all the latest UGP news would be in place no matter what - the only question regards the presentation thereof.
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By master_phruby
I personally would like to see a site that acts more like a showcase rather than a RS/JD type blog site. Somekind of cool flash animation would be sweet. Personally, I've never liked the blogg style of web site that so many sites use. It's just so uncreative. But I guess they are really easy to setup and maintain. We need something cool and flashy and a blogg style site aint it. Think of the site as a way to advertise your own web site building skills. Let you imagination go wild. Heck, many LFL will give you a job. :lol:
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By BrentS
I think it has to be a showcase site. However, there should be a bloggish component to one part. However, first and foremost it has to be a showcase.
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By jedistyle
well im not to computer savy, and honestly still am not even sure what a blog is :oops: , but i would think a showcase format would be the way to go, just as a more visable deal for visitors and what not! :)

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