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By master_phruby
Here is where the background story for our thread can be discussed. Feel free to let the story evolve as you see fit.

Judde Lulos (The Empire's Jewel)

In the years after the Clone Wars, the empire spreads it reach across the galaxy. They have overtaken may star systems. Judde Lulos was an untapped resource. While chasing a separatist shuttle, Vader stumbled across this untapped resource for spice. After reporting this to His master, a spaceport and Imperial Command outpost were quickly developed.
Mostly mountainous terrain encompassed the planet. But one area was ripe for spice mining. The native inhabitants of this world, who refused to succumb to the empires rule were driven into the treacherous jungle areas of this world or forced to work the mines. . The credits earned from the spice this planet provided, was used to pad the account of the Empires Elite. Vader was entrusted to make sure this “jewelâ€
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