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By master_phruby
One way we could help fund the UGP is to auction off our custom star wars toys. Are there any volunteers out there willing to put up the first custom?
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By Darth_Ennis
I can whip something up if nothing else, When do you need it?
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By YAK_Chewie
I'm game but it will need to be a week at least until I can really dedicate to it. Should we wait for the official site to start up to reference it in auctions?

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By master_phruby
According to pendragon, the official site is going to take a long time to get up and running unless we can find someone willing to setup the pages. There is no rush on the auctions. Whenever someone wants to post one is good enough for me.
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By BrentS
I'm all for helping out with the auctions for the project. However, I think we need to think through how to actually handle the money when it starts to come through.

For example, who collects the money and who distributes it? What are we targeting the money for? There are several possibilities such as booth space (still being discussed), booth set-up (tables, saw horses, etc?), shipping costs, $$ for custom/diorama expenses (raw materials, etc).

Obviously, we are all in this together and we are all going to donate a lot our personal time, personal money, and personal "material things" (figures, dioramas, etc) but there will also be a lot of expenses. It would be nice if there was some way to allocate money that is raised, especially if there is dedicated fund raising activities.

Sounds to me like you might need a treasurer and I DON'T WANT the job :D
I make stuff too!

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