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I think this forum needs a dedicated thread to the lovable and frustrating Build a Droid promotion to help those looking to get the parts they need for their droids.

So I'll start:


R7-T1 Head
R4-D6 - right leg


Anything for R4-J1 except main body
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By The Professor
By right leg on R4-D6, do you mean his actual right or his right from the front?
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By Duke
BAD Parts/Figs Have List:
-C-3PX Let Arm
-C-3PX Head
-R4-D6 Torso
-R4-D6 Right Leg
-R7-Z0 Torso
-R7-Z0 Right leg
-R4-J1 (Complete)
-R7-T1 (Complete)

Well, here is my master BAD trade list. I'm not really looking to build them, I thought I was going to but decided against it. So I'm not looking for any BAD pieces, I do have some figures I am looking for though in the Legacy and Clone Wars collection. PM if interested.....
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By Mister_Master
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By prozac
R5-A2: head/middle leg, body
R2-L3: Head/middle leg, right leg
R7-T1: left leg
R4-J1: head/middle leg
R4-D6: body
5D5-RA-7: torso
MB-RA-7: torso, left arm, left leg
C3PX: Head, torso, right leg x2

U3PO - Head, right leg
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By saddestwookiee
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By Niktom
Going ahead and putting this request out here....

I will be trying to form an small army of BAD Darktroopers... so yeah, I will be looking for parts. If any of you end up with extras or just don't want them, I'll take'em.

When the time comes and the parts become available just PM me with what you have and we will put together some means of exchange.
- U-3PO Silver Head
- U-3PO Silver Right Arm
- U-3PO Silver Right Leg
- U-3PO Silver Left Leg

- U-3PO Champagne Head
- U-3PO Champagne Right Arm
- U-3PO Champagne Right Leg
- U-3PO Champagne Left Leg
*edit* 9/2/09

I ordered BOTH legs from eBay. Now I am searching for U-3PO's arms in champagne.
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U-3PO is DONE! I finally found the left arm, and ordered it! I still have the silver leg (left), if anyone is interest.
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