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Okay I've updated my list here's what I've got:
R4-D6's body
R7-Z0's left leg
R7-Z0's body
R7-Z0's left leg
R2-L3's body
R2-L3's left leg
R2-L3's left leg
R5-A2's head & middle leg
MB-RA7's right leg
5D6-RA7's right leg
R7-T1's body
And here's what I want:
C-3PX - Right Leg, Right Arm
Here is a picture of what I have but now I have the L8-L9 droid completed. I am most interested in finishing R4-J1, R4-D6 and 5D6-RA-7. The rest of the parts I am willing to trade. PM me if anyone is interested.

Update: Traded some of these. I don't have L8-L9 anymore and I finished R4-J1 and R4-D6.
I have only a couple of parts for trade:-

Dark Trooper Torso x1
Flame arm of L8-L9 x1

Looking for the following:-
R4-D6 - Right Leg
MB-RA-7 - All the limbs (so right arm and leg, left arm and leg)
U-3PO (Champagne Color) - Head, Torso and Right Leg
Here is what I've currently got to offer. email me and we can make a swap.

Rt-leg (pending)


left arm

right leg w rocket

head & central leg

head & central leg

Head, central leg


Rt arm

right arm
left leg

Rt Leg

head & central leg

HK-50 - Right leg
L8-L9 - Right leg
More to come

R4-D6 parts or complete
MB-RA7 head, arms, and right leg *pending
5D6-RA-7 head* pending and right arm
R2-L3 - head and center foot
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Here is an updated list and photo of what I have and what I want. I want to finish R5-C7, R3-A2, 5D6-RA-7, R4-P44 and R3-M3. Even the parts from the previously mentioned droids I may be willing to trade and I am definitely willing to trade any of the other parts. PM me if you are interested.
Update as of Dec 21, 2009.
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I'm building a 'junk' droid for my nephew and want to slap together random parts to complete it. I need an astro droid head and a set of legs (the legs can be from different droids - so long as they dont have the rockets). Please PM me if you have random spare parts to get rid of. I will trade either accessories for parts or maybe a full figure for the 3 parts. :wink:
Refer to the big image there for what I have to trade folks!

I need:
* BG-J38 -- left arm, left leg, head
* YVH-1 -- torso, right leg, left arm, head
* U-3PO -- torso, right leg, left arm, head

I have:
Bump, is anyone still have/need BAD parts? I didn't want to waste my time posting my trade if no one reads this thread anymore, i only ask because there has been no replies to this thread in 2012.
BorgIG88 wrote:Bump, is anyone still have/need BAD parts? I didn't want to waste my time posting my trade if no one reads this thread anymore, i only ask because there has been no replies to this thread in 2012.

I am still in need of droid parts. I still need/want BG-J38 parts; a complete one would be fantastic.

MB-RA7-everything but head and left leg
R5-A2-body,right leg
U-3P0- arm[R-silver] x2, arm [L and R-champagne]
L8-L9-head, leg [R] x2, arm w/flame [R]
R3-M3-body x5, leg [L]
R5-C7-head/center leg
R3-A2-leg [R]
R4-P44- body
YVH1- leg [L]
HK-50- 1 complete, arm [L] x6, arm [R] x5, torso x2, head w/gun

Since BG-J38 was hard to find (at least in my area), I would be willing to do a 2:1 trade (2 of what I have for 1 BG-J38 part). If anyone has a complete one and wants something special for it I may have just that thing; a complete C-3PX.
Bump and update
I have used some of the parts and obtained others since I last posted in this thread. I am still looking to complete a BG-J38.
Here are the parts I have
C-3PX-left arm, both legs
MB-RA7-torso, both arms, right leg
R5-A2-torso, right leg
U-3PO- right arm x3 (2 silver, 1 champagne)
L8-L9-head, right arm complete with flame, right leg x2
R3-M3- torso x5, left leg
R5-C7-complete plus head and center leg
R3-A2-right leg
YVH-1-left leg
HK-50- 1 complete plus head/gun, torso x2 left arm x6, right arm x5
BAD.JPG (88.71 KiB) Viewed 3050 times
If anyones around and still looking to trade droid parts here's my list

Parts for trade
HK-50 Left Arm x2
HK-50 Left Leg x2
HK-50 Right Leg x2
MB-RA7 (silver) Body
MB-RA7 (silver) Left Arm x2
5D6-RA7 (black) Left Arm
U3PO (champagne) Right Arm
C3PX Head
R5-C7 (Purple) Right Leg
R2-L3 (Red) Right Leg

Droid parts looking for:
C3PX Arms (L)
HK-47 – Body
HK-47 – Left Arm
HK-47 – Right Leg
HK-50 – Head
Middle leg for astromech – white x3
Silver U3PO – Head, [L] Leg, Body
R4-P44 – Body, middle leg
Will trade or buy

BG-J38 – Head, Torso, Arm [L][R], Leg [L][R]

I am based in the UK with a good trading record on Rebelscum
PM me if interested or you can help

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