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Have to trade:
The following figures all have their accessories, I just didn't bother to equip them when I took the picture. I took the brown capes off of the 2 Hermi figures so just know before hand that these 2 guys will come as is, how they look in the picture. People have already claimed the figures with skulls over them.


ROTS all white clone troopers like the one pictured below. I would be willing to trade for other stuff as well, but these are my priority. PM me if you are interested.


I'm also interested in attaining a Sigel Dare Imperial Knight.

***Update- I traded the pre-cyborg grievous. 8/4/10
I recently bought the Entertainment Earth Black Series 4 pack from the 6 inch line. I am interested in trading the red Stormtrooper for a 6 inch R2-D2, Leia in Boushh, Salacious B Crumb or regular Stormtrooper. Let me know if interested.
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