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I'm having real difficulties with formatting... I might just end up linking to my rebelscum page...

Most of my items are 100% Complete. If not complete, you will be informed.
Now that all the boring stuff has been said, let’s get to the fun part!

New Stuff Added!!!
UPDATE: Added some random figs.
Added some random new figs and Imperial bodies.
Added tons of TVc carded figs and Zombie Vipers! New Big Millennium Falcon, Target Vintage 3 Packs, Big AT-AT, Imperial Shuttle, Lego Slave I, TVC Luke's Tauntaun, Republic Attack Shuttle, and Jabba's Throne added and available!


[img width=525 height=700][/img]

[img width=700 height=525][/img]

I've completed a few trades in the past few weeks. Instead of marking no longer available items out, I'll list what is missing under the picture. Thanks!

Figures I am currently seeking: * Indicates Top Priority*
*TVC Aayla Secura*
*Darth Malgus*
*Echo Base Trooper*
*Legacy and Scarved Hoth Troopers*
*Search for Luke Set*
*Search for Luke Tauntaun*
*Corran Horn*
*TVC ROTS Sidious*
*Wampa and Luke*
*Endor Leia*
*Endor Luke*
*Darth Phobos*
*Any TFU Starkillers*

Ki Adi Mundi (SA version)
Stass Allie
Tarados Gon
Agen Kolar (Legacy Version)
Roth-Del Masona
Nicanas Tassu
Yarael Poof
Pablo Jill
Depa Billaba
Oppo Rancis
Plo Koon (removable mask version)
Saesee Tinn

Concept Figures:
Concept R2-D2 McQuarrie
Concept C3PO McQuarrie
Concept Yoda McQuarrie
Concept Anakin ROTS
Concept IG-88
Concept Snowtrooper BAD version

TVC TPM Anakin
TVC Jedi Luke
TVC Wicket

Other Random Figures:
Zuckuss (SA Version)
Shaak Ti (Target Exclusive Geonosis Version)
Imperial Knights
Luke and Mara Jade from Comic Pack
Tol Skorr
Assajj (Comic Pack)
Sharad Hett
A’Sharad Hett
Quinlin (any)
Mara Jade Luke Comic Pack
Biggs (Tatooine meeting)

Pilot Wants:
Derek "Hobbie" Klivian
Garven Dreis
Palso Thern
Grizz Frix
Tycho Celchu
Zev Senesca
Arvel Crynyd
Any newer versions of pilots welcome as well for customs! (preferably non-oange jumpsuit)
AT-AT Driver
AT-ST Drivers

Clone Wars mini Y-wing
Snowspeeders (any line, but preferably newer)
Any original trilogy vehicles, esp A/B/Y/X-wings
V-wing Fighter
V-19 Torrent
Jedi Starfighters (ROTS Version)

Parts/ accessories
Hoth Hats (like this Photo Archive )
Those little box things that lead to the rebel cannons and such
Yellow Ladders (I know... I know, we're all after those)
Also anything that could be used for a diorama for a Hoth scene and a Hangar sce


[img width=700 height=525][/img]
Edit: All the TCW Clones Gone

[img width=525 height=700][/img]
Edit: AT-TE Gone

[img width=700 height=525][/img]

Loose Figures:
[img width=700 height=525][/img]
TCW Clones
[img width=525 height=700][/img]
TCW Jedi and such
[img width=525 height=700][/img]
TCW Separatist
[img width=525 height=700][/img]
[img width=525 height=700][/img]
Jedi Cont.
[img width=700 height=525][/img]
Jedi Generals (most customs)
[img width=525 height=700][/img]
Bounty Hunters
[img width=525 height=700][/img]
McQuarrie Figs
[img width=525 height=700][/img]
Rebel Pilots
[img width=525 height=700][/img]
[img width=700 height=525][/img]
[img width=525 height=700][/img]
More Sith
[img width=700 height=525][/img]
Original Trilogy Figs
[img width=525 height=700][/img]
Battle Droids/ Dark Troopers
[img width=525 height=700][/img]
[img width=525 height=700][/img]
[img width=700 height=525][/img]
[img width=700 height=525][/img]

Carded figures include:
Mail Away Fett
TLC Death Star Trooper
TVC General Lando (Unpunched)
9 Pack Rebels
9 pack Bespin Alliance
Legacy Luke with BAD R4-D6
TCW Holographic Grievous TRU exclusive (card slightly bent)
TCW Yoda 1st day (card slightly bent)
TCW Cad Bane and IG-86 pack
30thAN Concept Chewy x2
30thAN Tattooed Anakin
POTF Greedo
POTF Luke with T-16 Skyhopper model
Saga Holo Ki Adi Mundi
Saga Momaw Nadon
ROTS Infant Leia with Bail
ROTS TRU exclusive Holo Emperor (in protective case)
Saga Collection Vintage Bossk
Saga AT-AT Driver (card pretty bent)
POTF Jawa with Gonk Droid (card in really bad shape)

I also have a few Vehicles as well:
Y-Wing (Target exclusive and newer version)
A wing (Old red version)
Tie Bomber (old version)
Tie Bomber New version
Tie Interceptor
Tie Fighter (new vintage collection, one loose, one MIB)
Tie Fighter (Big Wing version)
B-Wing (older blue one)
Vader's Tie (POTF2 era one, and Vintage '77 one)
Republic Gunship (missing a few pieces)
Magnagaurd fighter (rough shape, for custom work only)
TCW Y-Wing
Arc 170 (imperial and TCW Deco)
Mace Windu TCW Jedi Starfighter
Anakin TCW Jedi Starfighter
Hyena Bomber
Slave one (Shadows of the empire version and real Vintage one)
Republic Attack Shuttle MIB

[img width=700 height=525][/img]
Edit: Wedge's X-wing no longer available.

I have 2 more Vaders tie fighters... Only one missile
Clone Wars Y-wing... Missing one bomb
arc 170... A few things missing
Octoparra... however you spell it droid
Crab droid... Missing one leg
Old millennium falcon... Missing dish and guns
New slave 1
Tie bomber
Republic Tank... Missing missiles
Magna guard fighter... In rough shape
Hyena bomber
Obi wan delta star fighter x2
Obi wan straighter with hyperspace ring
Anakin’s TCW Jedi star fighter
Mace Windu’s Jedi star fighter
AAT tank... Missing canopy

I have positive Feedback on Yakface as well as Ebay.
Yakface feedback: viewtopic.php?f=62&t=5984
Imperial Shipyards: ... pic=7414.0
Ebay Feedback: ... llFeedback

I’d love to hear from you and all reasonable offers will be considered. Thanks!
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Somewhat of a bump...

I want your hoth items! I kinda went a little nuts when my wife and I divorced and bought a bunch of lots off ebay... And I'm thinking of getting of rid of most of my collection. If you have any snowtroopers, rebels, pilots, at-ats, at-sts, snowspeeders, tauntauns, turrets, or anything let me know. I'll consider most serious trades.

90% of my figures are SAGA and Legacy. I have a ton of harder to find Jedi's like Roron, Oppo, Yareal and the tiny blue fish headed guy (can't remember his name, T'sai or something like that). Aswell as a slew of other jedis. I have a ton of siths. Jump and evo troopers. A few random characters like the drum guy from jabbas palace (not the new one) and hermie oddle. Some Mcquirre figures.

I also have a ton of gi joe weapons from ROC. I don't need the weapons, just the figs for customs.

In package: Mcquirre Chebacca x2 POTF Greedo, TRU exclusive halo Grevious, 30th Anakin with tatoos, POTF die cast figures with leia, obi, r2-d2 and c3po

I'll hopefully have some pics up soon. I have to figure out why my computer won't recognize my camera. Just wanted to throw it out there though. Thanks guys.
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