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Bump for update!

Updated! Tons of new vehicles!!! These are in addition to all my others, if you see them in two different pictures, it means I have two of them. Many are missing pieces, so let me know if you're only interested if complete.


I have 2 more vaders tie fighters... Only one missle 
clone wars ywing... Missing one bomb
arc 170... A few things missing
Octoparra... however you spell it droid
Crab droid... Missing one leg
Old millennium falcon... Missing dish and guns
New slave 1
Tie bomber
republic tank... Missing missiles and canopy
magna guard fighter... In rough shape
Endor at-st
Hyena bomber
Obi wan delta star fighter x2
Obi wan straighter with hyperspace ring
Anakins tcw Jedi star fighter
Mace windus Jedi star fighter
Aat tank... Missing canopy
Wedge Antilles xwing MINT
hey hey! You have some things I'm interested in, so if you can find any of that stuff you were so kindly going to look for for me, it might be worth your while a little more? :-)

Okay here's what I like:
* the Tantive IV escape pod (next to the old landspeeder and the B-Wing)
* Comic pack clone palpatine (the semi-naked one with the upper chest armor)
* TVC General Grievous with cape
* the 4 snowtroopers with clean hoods (4th row on left)
* TLC Sandstorm chewbacca

And I see a bunch of vader's with capes that _might_ be a fit for this Vader: ... 00gear.jpg

And here's the parts I was interested in!

3x Darth Vader
3x Anakin Skywalker
2x Luke Skywalker (green)

And these specific ones:

SAGA 2002 Saesee Tiin: ... ee_acc.jpg

Corran Horn's: ... DF-343.jpg

Clone Wars Saesee pilot: ... LC-760.jpg

Jedi vs Sith BP Anakin: ... nsaber.jpg

Ep1 Adi Gallia:

Legacy Obi-Wan: ... LC-734.jpg

Roron Corobb: ... nsaber.jpg

ROTS Luminara Unduli: ... aparts.jpg

ROTS Kit Fisto: ... osaber.jpg

Evo Bultar Swan: ... Ssaber.jpg

TAC spirit Anakin and/or hilt: ... nsaber.jpg

Voolvif Mon: ... fsaber.jpg

Legacy AOTC Anakin: ... saber4.jpg

POTJ Saesee:

Holographic Plo Koon: ... osaber.jpg

Holographic Ki-Adi-Mundi: ... isaber.jpg

And these parts:
* Both types of accessories that come with pit droid two packs (big grey container and the rectangular thing)
* Shmi's Diagnostic Screen
* ROTS Captain Antilles headset
* Sandtrooper belt cylinder x 3
* Sebulba's removable Helmet and multiphase Wrench
* Vader's cape & saber from the meditation chamber deluxe
* dagobah r2-d2 base
* new barriss offee's hilt
* Darth bane right gauntlet (yellow fire-esque)
* Episode 1 padme in purple hard goods battle of theed attire's short gun:
* Hooka that comes with the cantina alien (this: ... nnikfr.jpg)
* AOTC Pilot padme (no need for the radar)
* Taun we's test tube (x3)
* Dead Obi-Wan's cloak-on-the-floor piece that comes with the TAC Vader

Thank you!!!
Interested in your EE Clones (The ones with the Bantha Skull on their chest) and the two Female Mandos from the same set. shoot me a PM and we can work something out, I have the new TFU set with the Apprentice but that's about it from your list, maybe we can work out a figure/cash deal or something. LMK!
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