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By YAK_Den
First & Foremost... In order to Trade here, we'd like for you to read the below rules and sign your name on this post. Failure to sign and comply to the rules and regulations set forth by may result in your thread being deleted, or even further action. Please sign this thread by posting your First Name & Last Initial followed by your screen name.

Trades are permitted only in the Trading Section. All other trades found outside the trading section may be removed.

Each person is allowed to create a thread with their haves/wants list. Each user is only allowed one post in the trading section to display their list. This thread can be edited at any time by the author. Feel free to conduct trading procedures via PM or Private E-Mail to ensure privacy.

"Bumping" tactics are not looked too highly upon in the trading section. We will allow members to bump once per day. We will make every effort to make sure most lists can be displayed on the first page. Multiple "bumping" deters others the ability to post their lists and causes minor spamming issues. Please be considerate of others.

Trading is NOT a "Classifieds Store". No Buying/Selling should take place in the Trading Section. It is for posting Haves and Want lists. That way other folks can see what you have and/or what you need. Please do not include prices in your haves/want lists. If your items are also for sale, please post a sale list in the Classifieds Sales section.

The goal of this forum is to promote good will among collectors. Your primary goal should be to "Trade" your goods. We do however understand that you may not have any extra items or ones that anyone is interested in. We would ask that all transactions be handled through personal e-mails or PMs.

New users to trading will receive warnings regarding possible actions against rules before necessary action would take place. We will give all users time as well to get to know the trading section and adjust to the rules by provinding warnings via PM. Moderators will be on duty to also help new users get more familiar with the trading system, rules.

Only FAIR Trading is allowed. We request that trades be fair, but this is at the discretion of the parties working out a deal.

Please provide viewers with a honest and detailed description of your products up for trade. Feel free to include pictures and leave accurate information regarding any special conditions of the items in trade.

All trades completed / processed on the are at your own risk. By signing below you agree to the rules of the forum and agree that is not liable for any transactions made.

Please contact any forum admin regarding any and all questions, comments, suggestions, etc.

Thank You & Good Luck!
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By YAK_Den
Brandon P.
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By Jedi Hunter
Ben K

Jedi Hunter
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By CloneCommander1
Luke B.
By profjeff
Jeff P.
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By Duke
Russell J.
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By YAK_Xizor
Deron P.


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By bikerscout
Paul Michalak
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