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By Darth Kikinou
Folks, I need the following lightsabers, will buy or trade!

3x Darth Vader
3x Anakin Skywalker
2x Luke Skywalker (green)

And these specific ones:

SAGA 2002 Saesee Tiin: ... ee_acc.jpg

Corran Horn's: ... DF-343.jpg

Clone Wars Saesee pilot: ... LC-760.jpg

Jedi vs Sith BP Anakin: ... nsaber.jpg

Ep1 Adi Gallia:

Legacy Obi-Wan: ... LC-734.jpg

Roron Corobb: ... nsaber.jpg

ROTS Luminara Unduli: ... aparts.jpg

ROTS Kit Fisto: ... osaber.jpg

Evo Bultar Swan: ... Ssaber.jpg

TAC spirit Anakin and/or hilt: ... nsaber.jpg

Voolvif Mon: ... fsaber.jpg

Legacy AOTC Anakin: ... saber4.jpg

POTJ Saesee:

Holographic Plo Koon: ... osaber.jpg

Holographic Ki-Adi-Mundi: ... isaber.jpg

And these parts:
* Both types of accessories that come with pit droid two packs
* Jawa's weapon: ... weapon.jpg
* Shmi's Diagnostic Screen
* Skiff Lando's blaster x 2
* ROTS Captain Antilles headset, head and cape.
* Sandtrooper belt cylinder x 3
* Wookiee heavy gunner's soft goods and belt : ... efront.jpg
* Sebulba - Removable Helmet, Multiphase Wrench
* Little ani's grease gun
* Vader's cape & saber from the meditation chamber deluxe
* dagobah r2-d2 base
* new barriss offee hilt
* Darth bane right gauntlet (yellow fire-esque)
* Episode 1 padme in purple hard goods battle of theed attire, both guns:
* Hooka that comes with the cantina alien
* VOTC Hoth Han's goggles
* Chian's helmet (or any youngling's)
* AOTC Pilot padme (no need for the radar)
* Taun we's test tube (x3)
* Jango fett kamino escape long rocket
* Dead Obi-Wan's cloak-on-the-floor piece that comes with the TAC Vader

Thank you!!!

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