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****HAVES**** ALL figures are sealed/MOC/MIB unless otherwise noted!
SOTD Jabba's Palace (WM Exclusive) x2
SOTD Defense of Hoth BP (Target Exclusive) x2
SOTD Search for Luke Skywalker BP (Target Exclusive) x2
SOTD Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder (Target Exclusive) x2
SOTD Luke Skywalker's TaunTaun (Target Exclusive)
VC Rocket-Firing Boba Fett MIMSB x3
VC TPM Obi-Wan Kenobi
VC TPM Ratts Tyerell + Droid
VC TPM Ben Quadinaros + Droid
VC TPM Naboo Royal Guard
VC TPM Daultay Dofine
VC Magnaguard
VC Leia Hoth
VC Bom Vimdin
VC Boba Fett x2 (ROTJ)
VC Boba Fett x2 ( ESB )
VC Rebel Fleet Trooper x3
VC ARC Trooper Commander
VC Barriss Offee
VC Gamorrean Guard
VC Dak Ralter
VC Anakin Skywalker (foil)
CW AV-7 Mobile Cannon
CW Defend Kamino Battle Pack x2
CW Republic Scout Speeder w/ ARF Trooper
CW Clone Commander Fox (Target)
CW Sgt. Bric (Mail-Away)
CW Nahdar Vebb (Mail-Away) x3
CW Clone Captain Lock (K-Mart)
CW Clone Commander Wolffe
CW Clone Commander Jet
CW Clone Commander Colt
CW Clone Trooper (Riot Gear)
CW Sasee Tiin
CW Eeth Koth
CW Barriss Offee
CW Quinlan Vos
CW Pre Vizsla x2
CW Mandalorian Warrior
CW Clone Trooper Echo
CW Clone Trooper (41st Elite) x2
CW 501st Clone Trooper (Wal*Mart)
LC Eopie & Qui-Gon (Mail-Away) x2
LC Shaak Ti (Felucian Outcast)
LC K'kruhk x2
LC Dark Trooper Phase I
LC Spacetrooper (big guy)
LC Cloud City (Alien) Wing Guard x2
LC IG-88 Concept Art (YVH-1 BAD)
LC Jeremoch Colton (YVH-1 BAD) x2
LC Utai (YVH-1 BAD) x2
LC Commander Cody (YVH-1 BAD)
LC Ewoks 2-pack (YVH-1 BAD) x2
LC Commander Deviss (HK-50 BAD)
LC Commander Deviss (R3-A2 BAD)
LC Anakin Skywalker Concept (HK-47 BAD)
LC Spacetrooper (HK-47 BAD)
LC Hoth Trooper (HK-47 BAD)
LC ARC Trooper (HK-47 BAD)
LC Jango Feet (HK-47 BAD)
LC Leia (medical frigate)
LC Luke (medical frigate)
LC HK-47 set (Concept Anakin, Owen, Beru, Typho, Tarados Gon, Obi-Wan Kenobi)
LC Rum Sleg
LC Stormtrooper & Blackhole Hologram Comic Pack
Wal*Mart Droid Factory Darth Vader & K-3PX (C-3PX)
Wal*Mart Droid Factory Luke Pilot & R2-D2 (C-3PX)
Wal*Mart Droid Factory Anakin & Super Battle Droid (Dark Trooper)
Target Coleman Trebor and Jango Fett 2-pack x3
LC Geonosis Assault BP
Phantom Menace Jar Jar Binks
AOTC Kit Fisto (w/ diorama)
AOTC Shaak Ti (w/ diorama)
AOTC Clone Pilot (w/ firing turret!)
ROTS Royal Guard (Red)
ROTS Clone Trooper (w/ collector's Glass)
ROTS Clone Trooper (Target Exclusive!)
ROTS Utapau Trooper (Target Exclusive!)
ROTS Commemorative 3-Pack (Vader, Emeperor, & Dooku)
TAC McQuarrie Chewbacca

BG-J38 Right Arm x3
BG-J38 Right Leg
MB-RA7 Left Arm
L8-L9 Torso
L8-L9 Right Arm
R4-J1 Body
R7-Z0 Right Leg
R2-L3 (complete)
R3-M3 (complete)
R5-C7 (complete, broken antenna)
L8-L9 (complete)

LC 2009 Jeremoch Colton
LC 2009 Agen Kolar
LC 2009 R2-X2
LC 2009 Commander Cody x2
LC 2009 AT-AT Driver x3
LC 2009 Cloud City Wing Guard (Alien)
LC 2009 Cloud City Wing Guard (Black)
LC 2009 Dark Trooper Phase I x2
LC 2009 K'kruhk x6
LC 2009 EU Spacetrooper x3
LC 2009 Jacen Solo x3
LC 2009 Jaina Solo x2
LC 2009 Shaaki Ti (Felucian Outcast) x3
SL 2009 Clone Trooper (AOTC)
SL 2009 Clone Trooper (ROTS)
SL 2010 Snowtrooper
SL 2010 Luke Pilot
CW 2009 Magnaguard
CW 2009 Ahsoka Tano
CW 2010 Pre Vizsla x4
CW 2010 R7-A7
CW 2010 Cad Bane (w/ Todo)
CW 2010 Boba Fett
CW Eeth Koth
CW Barriss Offee
CW Captain Lock
VC 2010 Boba Fett
VC 2010 General Grievous
VC 2010 Gamorrean Guard
VC 2010 Admiral Ackbar
VC 2011 Bom Vimdin
VC 2011 Logray
VC 2011 Rebel Fleet Trooper
VC 2011 Han Bespin
VC 2011 ARC Trooper Commander
VC 2010 Clone Trooper (AOTC) (UNP)

Loose / Misc.
loose CW Sgt. Bric's Battle Mat
loose CW Clone Commander Cody (from Assault on Ryloth BP)
loose Target Geonosis Arena Jango Fett
loose Target Defense of Hoth K-3PO
loose TVC Fi-Ek Sirch
loose TVC Senate Guard
loose Salacious Crumb (from POTJ Amanaman set)
Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber (Resurgence BP)
Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Robe (Resurgence BP)
SDCC 2009 Clone Wars / Legacy Collection Poster
SDCC 2010 ESB Figure poster
SDCC 2010 Vintage cardback set (all unpunched except Han)
SDCC 2010 Boba Fett (unpunched) vintage cardback x2

Marvel Universe Vision (Clear variant)
Marvel Universe Cable (w/o Hope)
Marvel Universe Cable (w/ Hope)
Marvel Universe Sunfire
DC Universe Black Canary
DC Universe Gold (Metal Man)
DC Universe Zatanna
DC Universe Stargirl (Wave 19)
DC Universe Superman (All-Star)
DC Universe Mercury (loose)

DVD Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Extended edition, 12 discs total)
Digital Copy Family Guy ESB Something Something Dark Side (unused!)
Blu-Ray Firewall (still sealed!)
Blu-Ray Speed (still sealed!)
Blu-Ray Superman Returns (still sealed!)
Blu-Ray Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (still sealed!)
Blu-Ray Ocean's Eleven (still sealed!)
Blu-Ray Swordfish (still sealed!)
Blu-Ray Final Destination (still sealed!)
Blu-Ray Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter (opened, never played)
Blu-Ray The Wrestler (still sealed!)
Blu-Ray Ferris Bueller's Day Off (still sealed!)
Blu-Ray Action 3-pack (Terminator, Day After Tomorrow, & I, Robot) (still sealed!)

SDCC 2009 Hal Jordan (any color) MISB or loose
DC Direct White Lantern Hal Jordan MOC
DC Direct White Lantern Batman MOC
DC Direct White Lantern Flash MOC
**looking to trade BADs for BADs only
U-3PO (silver, complete)
Dark Trooper Head/gun & Jetpack
HK-47 Parts
VC Wedge Antilles
LC Jacen Solo
LC Jaina Solo
CW Aayla Secura
CW Commander Bly
CW Darth Sidious
CW Ahsoka Tano (Season 3 outfit)
CW Clone Commander Fox MOC (low want)
TAC Darth Revan MOC
Stitch as Emperor (Holographic, from Star Wars Weekend)
TFU Galen Marek (either, as long as complete)
TLC Anakin Skywalker (Concept) MOC
TLC Ulic & Exar Kun Comic Pack (HIGH WANT)
LEGO Darth Vader (Chrome, sealed)
LEGO C5 Boba Fett (MCQuarrie, sealed)
Commander Cody Cardback (C5)
Anakin Skywalker Cardback (C5)
Sorayama Statues
Darth Talon Sideshow Statue (HIGH WANT!)
Vintage A-Wing Pilot Gun
Vintage Klaatu Staf (Skiff)
Vintage Gammorean Guard Axe
Vintage Imperial Officer Gun
Vintage Zuckss (the droid) Gun
Vintage Ree-Yees Staff
Vintage Weequay Staff
Vintage Emperor's Royal Guard Staff x2
UPCs (CW/LC/Saga) for Mail-Aways (throw-in)
Disney Movie Rewards DVD & Blu-Ray Codes (throw-in)

Thanks for looking!
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