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If interested in something let me know or if you have questions. Everything should be complete unless otherwise noted and in great condition. Id rather trade if possible to find gaps in my collection. Thanks for looking!

My Wants:
SAGA or older:
Emperor's chair from POTF2 Final Duel Set
Hoth Tactical Screen came with Cpt Rieekan (don't want figure unless needs to come as set)
B'omarr Monk/bubo/wol cabasshik loose/complete
Figure & Cups (cups main thing) Anakin Skywalker and Old Obi-wan
Cantina Bar pieces (straight pieces)

Sly Moore loose/complete (low priority)
Myo loose/complete (low priority)
Feltipern loose/complete (low priority)

Concept Yoda & Obiwan loose preferred or carded
Concept Luke Skywalker (convention exclusive) loose preferred or carded
Bantha loose/complete (POTF2 version ok too)

Imperial Scanning Crew loose/complete
Wioslea loose
"Old" Ben Kenobi
Disturbance in the Force Set SDCC exclusive
R5-M2 from BP
Farmboy Luke from Resurgance BP or Ep IV Blu-ray set X2
Garven Dreis XWing Pilot from Yavin BP
BAD 5D6-RA7: rt leg
BAD R4-D6: head&3rd leg, left leg, rt leg
BAD R5-A2: left leg, rt leg
BAD R3-M3: left leg,
BAD U-3P) Champagne: all pieces
BAD R3-A2: all pieces

Comic 2 PK Figures:
Cyborg Darth Maul

Deleted Scene Luke Skywalker carded/or loose
Deleted Scene Sandstorm Lando carded/ or loose
Deleted Scene General Craken carded/or loose
Deleted Scene Mon Cal Pilot carded/or loose
Imperial Navy Commander
Hoth Luke Skywalker
Darth Sidious ROTS carded
Stormtrooopers (corrected version) loose/complete preferred
Gamorrean Guard loose or carded
Mouse Droid carded
Salacious Crumb carded

Movie Heroes/DTF Collection:
Jar Jar Binks loose or carded
Tusken Raider loose or carded

TCW Collection:
Jabba The Hutt
Shahan Alama
Hondo Ohnaka

Mighty Muggs (boxed or loose/good cond)
Gamm Guard

Galactic Heroes:
ANH Leia; stormtrooper; RFT; Tarkin; Imp Officer; Duros;
Garindan; R2 w/ drink tray; Slave Leia; Weequay; Barada;
Jabba the Hutt; Bib Fortuna; ANH Luke w/poncho; Dack Ralter

VINTAGE: loose/complete; C-8 or better (no repro weapons!!!)
AT-ST Driver
AT-AT Driver
Lando Skiff Disguise
Bib Fortuna
C-3PO removable arms
Chief Chirpa
Klaatu Skiff
Nien Nunb
R2D2 Sensorscope
R2D2 Original ANH
General Madine
Squid Head

My HAVES to possibly trade:

SAGA & older loose
- Taun We
- Dexter Jetster
- Nute Gunray (from War Room Cinema Scene Pack)
- Shu Mai (separatist leader)
- Separitist War Room Table (both sides)
- Jedi Council Pieces w/ chairs

OTC loose
- VOTC Boba Fett

Saga2 loose
- Barada
- Clone Trooper Sergeant ( phase I green) w/blaster
- AT-AT Driver
- Commander Appo 501st w/blaster & stand
- Sun Fac w/blaster, spear, stand
- Poggle the Lesser w/walking stick, no stand
- Baby Luke
- Foul Moudama (jedi)
- Sora Bulq (jedi)
- Blue Holograms: Luke, stormtrooper, Boba fett, Obi-wan, Han, Dooku, Vader, Queen Amidala
- Red Holograms: Yoda, Dooku, Han, Luke, RFT, Vader, Maul, Palpatine, stormtrooper
- Silver Holograms: Boba Fett, Vader

TAC loose
- VTAC Bespin Luke
- VTAC Bossk
- VTAC IG-88
- Galactic Marine Mygeeto X2 w/rifle
- Clone Trooper Training Fatigue (phase I) w/blaster, removable armor
- Po Nudo (separatist leader)
- Clone Trooper Leiutenant (blue phase I) w/ blaster & removable helmet
- Kybuck
- Tauntaun from BP
- Pre Cyborg Grievous (no coin)
- Red Naboo Soldier with gun & helmet (no coin)
- Roron Corobb (jedi; no coin)
- TC-14 with tray (no coin)
- Legends Darktrooper (no coin)
- Juno Eclipse (no coin)
- Tin Collection All White AT-RT driver with gun

ROTS loose
- Sneak Prieview Wookie Warrior
- Wookie Heavy Gunner #68
- Wookie Warrior #43 dark fur
- Zett Jukassa with stand & saber
- Clone Commander Deviss (red armor) w/ pistols & rifle, no grappling hook
- AT-RT Driver with guns
- Magnaguard 1st version darker with staff
- Shaak Ti

Comic 2 Pack figures loose
- TAC Wookie Warrior w/ battle droid arms
- TAC Luke Skywalker Pilot (heir to the empire)
- Nrin Vakil (rebel pilot) no pistol

Battle Pack Figures loose
- Commander Neyo with blaster
- Clone Commander Bacara (SA version) w/ blaster
- 327th Clone trooper w/ 2 pistols, rifle, & removable helmet
- 327th Clone trooper w/ 2 pistols & blaster
- Hoth Han with blue coat, binoculars, gun (Target Hoth UBP)
- Snowtrooper w/dirty armor (Target Hoth UBP)
- Clone speeder bike
- Stormtrooper w/dirty armor (Target Endor UBP)

Evolution Set Figures loose
- Starkiller (original outfit TFU1)
- Black V-wing Pilot SA with blaster
- NJO Luke Skywalker with saber
- Qui-Gon Jinn
- Shira Brie (Rebel Pilot)
- TPM Queen Amidala (Padme legacy)
- Emperor Palpatine (lighter skin) with can, saber, and
replacement hands with lightening

Target/Wal-mart 2 Pk Figures Loose
- Commander Thire (shocktrooper)
- Emperor Palpatine (darker skin) with saber & cane; maybe
from Target 2 pk

Legacy Collection Figures loose
- 327th Clone trooper Star Corps w/ blaster, rifle, & 2 pistols
- Pit of Sarlaac (scenic backing available too; skiff not included)
- Captain Needa

The Clone Wars Collection loose
- Aqua Droid
- Padme (white outfit)
- Padme (brown outfit)

TVC Figures Loose/complete
- Slave Leia
- Endor Rebel Commando (white)
- Weequay (long neck)
- Hoth Leia
- Dengar

AT-AT Walker (reg box; box never opened but box is not mint cond)
Comic 2 Pack Plourr Ilo & Dllr Nep
TCW Savage Oppress shirtless (original packaging not newer Maul packaging)
TVC Qui-Gon Jinn (punched; great cond)
TVC Darth Maul (punched)
TVC Return Slave Leia (punched) minor scuff on siide of card lower left
TVC Rebel Fleet Trooper (punched, card exc cond)
TVC Fi-Ek (punched)
TVC Logray (punched)
TVC Zam Wessel (punched)
TVC Padme Peasant Disguise (punched)
TVC Super Battle Droid (punched)
TVC Mailaway form for proto Fett & extra UPCs
POTJ Sebulba (card not in good shape)
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