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By YAK_Xizor
Getting Started How To

1. Sign the trading rules thread.

2. Post your haves/wants list in your own thread.

3. Sit back and wait.

Let the Trading Begin
Ok So you've found something you want...Now what?

1. Contact the person via PM and let them know who you are and what you are interested in.

2. It is a good idea to exchange personal e-mails to help ensure a smooth transaction.

3. Be fair and reasonable about your trading. Figure for figure is always the best option, especially for currently or recently shipped figures. We have all seen the eBay sellers saying something is "rare", but they are trying to sell something. We are here to HELP one another. Don't get sucked into the scalper mentality. There are sometimes where figure for figure doesn't work (a VOTC for a regular figure would be a good example) or maybe someone just wants to throw in an extra figure into the deal. Remember, we work on th honor system, be honorable![/color]

4.Both parties find an agreeable trade

5.Deal is finalized through e-mail and snail mail addresses are exchanged.


What If.....

1. You Don't have anything to trade or anything that interests the other person?
A) The deal dies
B) Work out a plausable / fair solution. At this point the transaction should be handled via personal e-mail only.

2. Can't agree on terms.
A) Make several offers or counter offers exhaust every possibility but be Fair!
B) Say THANKS and move along.

Some Final Notes

**If you make a good Trade Tell Others in the feedback thread.

**Have fun and make some new friends.

**If you can't agree or things don't go as planned, don't resort to flamming or bashing. It will get get you removed from Yak Traders and possibly from Yak Forums.

**This whole operation works on the HONOR System. Most Collectors I know are honest and trustworthy, but it only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch. DON'T be THAT Apple!!!
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By YAK_Chewie
Ok guys, here is an example of an easy way to follow the rules that have been established here. Please follow the guidelines and don't get yourself with one of us staffers on you. That means only lists of what you have are looking to acquire are allowed. We want for this to be fun. All suggestions may go to the SUGGESTIONS/FEEDBACK/HELP SECTION and we will do our best to address them.

Again - this is just an example -

Chewie's Haves

- POTF2 Death Star Gunner x 2 (loose, no weapons)
- POTF2 Admiral Piett x 1 (MOMC)
- SAGA2 General Veers x 1 (MOMC)

Chewie's Needs

- VOTC Stormtrooper x 2 (loose, with blaster)
- SAGA2 Snowtrooper x 4 (loose, with blaster)

Please PM or email me if interested.

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