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By jpstark
Is any one on here collecting them?? I just need 10 more here are my wants and doubles will trade 1 for 1

FEARED - Darth Vader In Search of Skywalker
HATRED - Darth Maul Dark Side
R2D2 - R2D2 Astromech
RED 5 - Luke Skywalker Rogue Squadron
RRRRUGH! - Chewbacca Wookie Co-Pilot
SITHLORD - Darth Vader Empire State
SITHMSTR - Palpatine Galactic Tyrant
SPIRITUAL - Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Order
YT1300 - Han Solo Scoundrel
DSNGRTNS - Boba Fett

Tripped x2
Grievous x2
No ewoks x2
rogue 2
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