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title says it all.
I need/want 2x sdcc carbonite jarjars. Below are lots that i have. I prefer to keep each lot together
Have: 1) galactic hero loose lot- hoth leia,slave leia, mustafar padme, nexu
2) set of 36 random red and blue TSC mini hologram figures
3) set of SW insider mags (mostare recent issues, few older one)- will have to update later on what specific issues i have
4) lots of random SW figs: luke pilot, vader,battle damaged r2, jedi mickey and yoda, clone trooperTVC#41 w/ extra ph2 helemt, --all loose w/ most weapons
5) lot of 8 ep1 puzzles - one may be missing a piece, rest complete
6) replacement c-3po talking units for figure carry case (have 5 available)
7) ERTL model kit- speeder bike w/ scout rider - sealed
8- ERTL corp. alliance tank model kit- sealed
1) legends of dark knight batgirl monmc
2) random lot of 8" original mego figure parts plus generic 12" figure head
3) lot of board games survivor (sealed), twister (sealed), CSI delux ed. opened w/ all parts exc. used clue sheets but other blank clue sheets still available
4)spider man 4" lizard from SM3 line
5) spider man super hero squad lot- 3 sets sealed include 3x SM, vulture w/ lamp post, green goblin (classic outfit) and scarlet witch
6) lot of rolling stones magazines- since feb/march 2012- will have to verify exaly how many and what issues for sure


here is list of pre-marvel legends i have: all are moc. movie and animated series may have slight shelf ware
series 1: captain america, iron man
series 2: dr. doom, thing (w/ coat, hat, shades), hulk (w torn cloth shirt), human torch (w/ "4" logo), Rhino
series 3 : thor
series 4: Electra
series 5: Blade (movie), Red Skull, Mr. Fantastic
series 6: Punisher (movie)
series 7: Vision
series 8: doc ock, black Widow
legendary riders: Scarlet witch
0nslaught series: Abomination, Green goblin (both variants), Loki (both variants)
Modok series: Spder Woman (both variants)
Mojo series: Falcon (both variants), Baron Zemo (both variants)
Galactus series: Dr Strange, Nightcrawler
Apocolypse series: Wolverine
animated fantastic 4 series: Super Skrull
movie Fantasic 4: Invisible girl (phasing)
Hulk movie series: david banner, Bruce Banner (w/ chamber), aminated Hulk w/ Banner
animated Spiderman (red package): beetle, hobgoblin, doc ock (w/ white coat), sandman, morbious, carnage, lizard,spiderman w/ parker head, green goblin (armoured), scorpion, doc oc (slash attack), daredevil, kraven
animated spiderman (blue card) electro, mad jack, shocker, stealth vemon (card bent), hydroman, man-wolf, hobgoblin

4" hasbro titanium set: spiderman, venom, sandman, green goblin, doc ock

will consider trading 1 or 2 or 3 ML (depending on choices) for 1 carbonite jar jar (MOC)
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