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Since Hasbro is letting us down on the distribution maybe we can help one another out. I'm willing to buy or trade for what i need , my list is relatively short , but i would hope you would keep this going by posting what you need so we can all help each other out.
I don't open any of my figures so i'm looking for cards in good shape crease free.....

Boba Fett - Return Of The Jedi
Stormtrooper - Return Of The Jedi
B-Wing Pilot - Return Of The Jedi
Tie FIghter Pilot - Return Of The Jedi
Darth Vader - Return Of The Jedi
Ponda Baba
Echo Base Trooper - Rebel Soldier
The last Sandtrooper on Star Wars card (not sure the number)

I have one Imperial Navy Commander (believe I can get more)
Possibly a Malgus - That wave is hitting and believe ill be able to find them (None in hand)
The Clone Wars Anakin Figure
I ordered a case of the "Final Wave" and will trade any prequel or expanded universe piece in that case when they arrive

Thanks for looking , hope we can help each other out !
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