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By RyanMan12
I have a list of what I want first then the second list is what i have to trade for. keep in mind all figures are loose but nothing is damaged. some figures such as the saga legends Will NOT INCLUDE THE BONUS WEAPONS stands cards and dice are NOT UP ON TRADE due to the fact that i use the stands, I misplaced the cards and most of the dice have perished do to puppy being left unattended. PM ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED

Want's (highest priority top lowest bottom) i want all the necessary accessories and the figure to be in excellent condition no damaged figures.
1. Bastila Shan VC 69 MOC
2. Emperors Royal Guard VC 105 MOC
To trade
1. Commander Colt MOC
2. VC X-Wing
3. Amazon Droid Factory Sealed
4. Black Series Boba Fett Sealed
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