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Two of my favorite parts of this hobby is army building and customizing. Since Hasbro has made figures with ball jointed heads, these two aspects have become much easier. With that being said I am always on the lookout for items that will help in customizing my ever expanding armies. The following is my haves and wants list


Tarkin (ROTS)
Luke Skywalker; Yavin Ceremony (TAC)
Biggs Darklighter; Tosche Station (TAC)
Emperor Palaptine (Order 66 Target exclusive)
Bespin Wing Guard (TLC)
Luke Skywalker; Snowspeder Pilot (TLC)
Han Solo; Hoth (Saga Legends)
Dr. Evazan (TVC)
Rebel Fleet Trooper (TVC)
Imperial Navy Commander x7 (TVC)

Fi-ek Sirch (TVC)

Naboo Pilot helmet (goggles down version)
Rebel ground crew helmet
John D. helmet x2
RFT ballcap x6
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Wants The majority of my wants are new heads to diversify the ranks of both Rebel and Imperial ranks. I am looking for the following.

AT-ST Driver (Attack on Hoth BP)
Fenn Shysa /Tobi Dala/Kyle Katarn (Comic Pack)
Dred Priest (EE pack)/Llats Ward (EE pack)
Kir Kanos/Carnor Jax /Alum Frost (Crucible)
Hoth Rebel Trooper (clean shaven)
Capt. Needa (TLC)
Galen Marek/Starkiller (Evolutions and/or TFU TRU exclusive versions)
Jake Farrell (Evolutions-WM exclusive)
Jodo Kast (K-Mart exclusive)
Ric Olie/Naboo Pilot (DTF or TVC)
Rebel Honor Guard/McQuarie Concept Rebel Trooper (TAC)
AT-AT Commander (TVC)
Juno Eclipse/Deena Shan (any versions)

AT-ST driver helmets (Saga version-googles up)
Imperial caps-gray or black

Any help would be appreciated.
As I was looking through the parts box I came across two bodies that may be usable to someone. The first is the Boba Fett from the Target Villains pack. He was complete until my Puggle, Boomer decided the head looked rather tasty. He is now complete sans head. The second is a Wookiee body from ROTS.

Thanks again and please PM me if anyone is interested in anything.
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As I was doing a little spring cleaning around the house, I decided to do a little spring cleaning in the hobby box. Over the years of collecting and customizing I have accumulated quite a bit of random stuff. As figures were upgraded I usually sold or traded them off but kept their accessories. The "junk" box is getting full so I thought of seeing if anyone out there is interested in some of this stuff.

First up is a sampling of the random accessories I have. This is by no means all of it. Just some of what I would consider the better pieces.
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Found two more bodies in the custom fodder box. The Lt. Sunber I found at a garage sale. He was missing his right forearm but since I just wanted the head it was worth a quarter. The second is the Lt. Renz that came with Shield Generator Assault battlepack.
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Finally, here are three Massiffs that I had laying around.

If anyone is interested in any of this, check out the want list at the beginning of the thread. If you have nothing to trade, I would sell it.
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