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By darth_sidious

Rebels: Thrawn, MOMC and its the corrected Grand Admiral rank version
Order 66: Tsui Choi (loose w/ robe and lightsaber)
TVC: Barriss Offee (loose)
TLC: General Grievous (SA) (figure only)
CW: Shaak Ti (loose)
CW: Ahsoka (season 1) (lightsaber only)
CW: Plo Koon (lightsaber and alternate hood)
TAC: Darth Vader (with lightsaber and removable helmet - Hayden likeness)
ROTS: Luminara (with lightsaber)
AOTC: (bootleg) Clone Trooper (shooting position) (with blaster rifle)
MS: Yoda (loose w/ lightsaber)
TVC: Clone Commander Ponds (Geonosis Jedi set) loose
TVC: Scanning Crew figure (from officer set - blaster only)
MS: Mission Series Darth Vader (loose w/ lightsaber)
TVC: Jocasta Nu proof card
TVC: Death Star Droid (Special Droid Set (Target 3-pack)) (loose)
TVC: R5-D4 (Special Droid Set (Target 3-pack)) (loose)
CW: Darth Maul Returns Battlepack (MOC)
CW: Ahsoka (scuba) (MOC)
CW: Undead Geonosian (loose w/ weapon)
CW: Darth Maul (from Maul battlepack) (loose w/ weapon)
TVC: AOTC Clone Trooper #45 (loose / mint)
TVC: Senate Guard (loose / mint)
GH: Taun We and young Boba Fett (Galactic Heroes)
SAGA: AT-AT Driver (loose)
CW: Clone Trooper (yellow) (loose with zip-line) (Droids & Clones BP) (no card, dice, stand)
GH: Anakin with STAP (Galactic Heroes) (loose)
GH: STAP vehicle (Galactic Heroes) (loose no Anakin)
GH: Reek (Galactic Heroes) (loose)
TLC: Mace Windu (from Geonosis pack) (loose)
TLC: Obi-wan Kenobi (from Geonosis pack) (loose)
TLC: Assassin droid (from comic pack) (loose)
TCW: Commander Cody w/o scar (loose w/blaster) (Ryloth BP)
TSC: C-3PO (Illum battlepack) (loose)
CW: Anakin Skywalker with tattoos (cartoon network micro series) (loose)
OTC: Yoda (plush buddies)
OTC: Gamorrean guard (loose)


Action Fleet: AT-TE (loose w/ stand)

ROTS (3.75): Anakin's Jedi Starfighter (loose/mint w/ sticker sheet & instructions)

ROTS (3.75): Anakin's Jedi Starfighter (loose - no missiles)

AOTC Jango Fett's Slave 1 (loose - 2 missiles, no other accessories)

POTF2 AT-AT (loose - missing cockpit cover - not sure what else)

Transformers: CW "space whale" Gunship (loose)

[Gentle Giant: Bustups]
Series 3 - Bounty Hunters: Bossk (MIP)
Series 3 - Bounty Hunters: Dengar (MIP)
Series 3 - Bounty Hunters: Zuckuss (MIP)
Darth Maul (from Exclusive Holographic Sith Lord Bust-Ups 2-Pack) (loose)

WANTS (loose is fine):

Preschool Ewok Horse (Baga aka Bordok) (with harness) (playskool)
Preschool Ewok Horse (Baga aka Bordok) (w/o harness) (playskool)
Comics Spain pvc Kneesaa (purple flower)
Comics Spain pvc Kneesaa (blue flower)
Comics Spain pvc Dulok (grey fur on face, hands, and feet - bright green fur all over)
Kea Moll
Sise Fromm
Tigg Fromm
Dianoga (Kenner)
Hobbie Klivian from Ecliptic Evader Tie Fighter
Jedi Training Academy padawans: black male and Asian female
Montross & Jaster Mereel (comic pack)
AT-ST Driver (from Target Hoth pack)
CW Y-Wing scout w/ Warthog pilot (deluxe line)
CW R2-D2 (2013)
CW 501st jetpack Clone (2013)
SOTE: LUKE SKYWALKER (In Imperial Guard Disguise)
Comic pack: Fenn Shysa & Dengar (Marvel)
Comic pack: Princess Leia & Tobbi Dala (Marvel)
Comic pack: Boba Fett & RA-7
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By darth_sidious
[QUOTE=darth_sidious;20021955]I'm looking for vehicle pack-in figures (5 POA) - Poe from ski speeder, Tallie the A-wing pilot, and Snoke from the playset.[/QUOTE]

Still looking for these, including the Canto Bight cop - willing to buy them as well, if you find these ships on clearance and dont collect 5 POA, or have doubles.
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