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By Jedighost009
I am looking to fill some missing spots in my Marvel Legends collection. I am on the verge of selling off my SW stuff since TVC doesn't seem to be returning ever. So I thought I'd give Yakface a shot at helping out fellow collectors with their missing spots before going the eBay route.
PM me here if you can help me out. I know most of these are going to be a real stretch but I'm hoping for a miracle. :cry:

Wants: (preferably MIP but...)
ML SDCC Thunderbolts boxset
ML Arnim Zola wave : Thunderball
ML Arnim Zola wave : Piledriver
ML Arnim Zola wave : Future Foundation Spider-Man
ML Arnim Zola wave : Big Time Spider-Man
ML Rocket Raccoon wave: Hawkeye
ML TRU exclusive Storm
Marvel Universe WM exclusive Savage Frost Giant
Marvel Universe Sentinel (purple/dark purple version)
Marvel Universe WM exclusive Goliath (yellow & blue version)

Haves: (MIP unless noted otherwise)
TVC AT-ST KMart exclusive
SOTDS Obi-Wan jedi starfighter
SOTDS Plo Koon jedi starfighter
SOTDS Snowspeeder
SOTDS Cloud Car
SOTDS Vulture Droid
SOTDS Xanadu Blood

...I'm adding more as I dig out boxes from storage...

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