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By StooperZero
What you see is what I got *****except i have a whole box full of those toy biz x-men accessories .
Smoke free home. Stuff i in the way and figure I'd offer it up VS sealing it up and sending it to the attic forever.





What I want.

Black Series 6"

boxed or preferably loose dont matter, long as they're in good + condition

Anakin Skywalker
X-wing Luke
Sabine Wren
OT Storm Troopers
Clones troopers or clone captains.
Royal Guards
Leia in Boussh
Leia /jabbas prisoner
tusken raiders
death star commander
prototype boba fett

Also looking for working original NES games.
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By StooperZero
Totally open to offers. This stuff needs a new home.

Also looking for 6" Praetorian guards ,
I already have 2 of the 4 pack exclusive soft goods ones with the combinable khukris so mark them off the list.
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