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By coachvader2
Hello, I am a respected member of both the community I live in (HS teacher/coach) and the community (check out my feedback link: ). After being on Rebelscum exclusively for so many years, I’m looking to branch out to help acquire the figures I want. After moving and getting settled, I am sorting out my collection. As I do, I would like to trade off extras and acquire figures I don’t have. Here is what I have and what I’m looking for.::


The Vintage Collection (2010-2012,2018- )
VC08 Darth Vader
VC13 Anakin Skywalker

The Last Jedi (2017)
Darth Vader from probe droid set
Chewbacca (porg is missing)
R2-D2 (in sealed package)
Rose (Resistance Tech)

Black Series (2013-2017) 6 inch
Jyn Erso (in sealed box)
Cassian Andor (blue coat) (in sealed box)

Black Series (2013-2017) 3.75
Finn (in sealed box)
Princess Leia TFA (in sealed box)
Cassian Andor (in sealed box)
Han Solo TFA (in sealed box)

Movie Heroes 2012-2013
Evolution of Darth Vader set..
•Anakin Skywalker (from Ep. 2)

Star Wars Shadows Of the Dark Side 2010
Blu-Ray Commerative 4 Figures with Poster Packs
Episode II Attack of the Clones Pack- Anakin Skywalker
Episode III Revenge of the Sith Pack- Mace Windu

Star Wars Saga Legends 2011
SL12 Obi-Wan Kenobi

Legacy Collection 2009 Geonosis Showdown 2 pack Roth Del Masona vs. Super Battle Droid
Super Battle Droid

The 30th Anniversary Collection (2007)
Jedi vs Darth Sidious Battlepack
Kit Fisco
Mace Windu

Star Wars Saga 2002-2004/Original Trilogy Collection
Jedi Council Sets
•Even Piell
•Obi-Wan Kenobi
•Ki-Adi Mundi
•Qui-Gon Jin

Star Wars Saga 2002-2004
Geonosis War Room Sets
• Count Dooku
• Poggle The Lesser
• Shu Mai
• Nute Gunray

Power of the Force 2 1997-2000
Emperor Palpatine

Legacy build a droid parts
R7-Z0 body 2, l leg 2, r leg 3, ml
r4-p44 l leg
HK-50 r arm, l arm, l leg
R5 A2 body 2
Yvh1 r arm, l leg
L8 l9 l leg 2
R3m3 body 3, l leg
R3 a2 r leg
U3po silver r leg 2
U3po champagne l leg 2, r leg, r arm, l arm 2
R2l3 body (2)
R4-d6 body 2, l leg

—————————————————————————————————————————————————— —————————————
Wants (loose or carded) if carded gonna open anywaysStar Wars Figure Wants:

Vintage Figures Needed 1977-1985 (loose and complete)
Blue Snaggletooth

Modern Figures Needed 1995-2018 (loose and complete)

The Vintage Collection 2010-2018
VC26 Rebel Commando (Black Version)

Last Jedi-Force Link Line 2017-2018
C'ai Threnalli

Battle on Crait Four Pack...
•First Order Gunner
•First Order Walker Driver

Last Jedi Two Pack...with Phasma and Finn
•Finn Disguise

A Wing with Tallie... need figure only
• Resistance Pilot Tallie

The Black Series 3.75 2013-2018
•Pablo Jill
•Praetorian Guard

The Black Series 3.75 Entertainment Earth Droid Set
•Jabba's Bartender rotj

Movie Heroes 2012-2013
Battle of Geonosis set 1...
•Que-Mars Redath
•Khaat Qiyn
•Selig Kengenn
•Clone Captain Deviss

Battle of Geonosis set 2..
•Sephjet Josall
•Sarrissa Jeng
•Roan Shryne
•Clone Commander Ponds

Shadows of the Dark Side 2010-2011
Battle over Endor Set 2 of 2...
•Sila Kott
•Ekelarc Yong

The Legacy Collection
•Princess Leia Medical Frigate BD41
•Tarados Gon BD49

The Legacy Collection
•Jeremoch Colton BD42

The Legacy Collection Build a Droid
R4-J1 tpm (need left leg)
R4-p44 ros (need body)
BG-J38 rotj (need head, left arm, left leg, body)

Battle pack Scramble over Yavin...
•Garven Dreis
••Rebel Technician or the one from the shadows of dark side vehicle/figure 2 pack

Battle pack Shield Generator Assault...
•Nik Sant

Battle pack Hoth Recon Patrol...

Geonosis Arena showdown....
2009 Set 1 Coleman Trebor
2010 Set 4 Shaak Ti
2010 Set 5 Nicanas Tassu

30th Anniversary Collection 2007
Ywing TRU exclusive....
* Lt. Lepira
* R5-F7

Saga Collection 2006
Entertainment Earth Astromech Droid Pack
Series I...
•R4-A22 aoc
•R2-C4 tpm
•R3-T2 anh
•R2-Q2 anh
•R3-T6 anh
Series II...
•R4-E1 anh
•R5-M2 TPM
•R2-A6 TPM
•R3-Y2 ESB

Original Trilogy Collection 2004
Jedi High Council
1 middle floor triangle piece, (the one that came with either otc set 3 or 4)
I can tell you if it’s the right one or not based off a picture)

Star Wars Saga 2002-2004
Jabba's Palace Denizens Set....
•Wol Cabba*****
SDCC 2019

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